Another wall is going up for Trump, this time in India

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The government in Gujarat has ordered the construction of a 400-meter-high wall in Ahmedabad before Donald Trump's arrival. The wall covers a slum area.

Construction workers are building a wall along a slum as part of a facelift along a route U.S. President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take during Trump's visit later this month (Reuters).

United States President Donald Trump is protected from the slums by a newly erected wall when he visits Ahmedabad city this month while visiting India.

A senior government said the wall was being built for security reasons so as not to hide the slum area.

But the construction company told Reuters that the government "didn't want the slum to be seen" when Trump came by on the entrance to Ahmedabad airport.

"I was ordered to build a wall as soon as possible. Over 150 bricklayers work around the clock to complete the project," said the contractor on condition of anonymity.

The government official admitted that the wall was part of an "embellishment and cleanliness campaign".

Whatever the reason, the 400-meter-long, seven-foot-high wall will prevent the US leader from glancing at a slum area where an estimated 800 families live.

Trump, who has committed to building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, will visit India from February 24-25 to reaffirm the strategic relationships that have been affected by trade disputes.

He is expected to attend an event titled "How Are You, Trump" at a stadium in Ahmedabad, modeled on the "Howdy Modi" extravaganza he saw in September Houston hosted for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Trump spoke at the White House on Tuesday, citing Modi as saying "millions and millions of people" would attend the rally.

The event offers Trump, who was indicted in December, the opportunity to campaign for the support of hundreds of thousands of Indian-American voters ahead of the November US presidential election.

Some slum dwellers, whose homes in Ahmedabad – the largest city in Modi's home state of Gujarat – are blocked off by the wall, said the government wasted taxpayer money to hide the poor.

"Poverty and slums are the reality of our lives, but the Modi government wants to hide the poor," said Parvatbhai Mafabhai, a day laborer who has lived there with his family for more than three decades.

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