Antonio Brown wallows in the catastrophic end of the patriots

<pre><pre>Antonio Brown wallows in the catastrophic end of the patriots


When the patriots and their fans are upset about the surprising early end of their season, Antonio Brown just rubbed it in a little more.

Brown hit the patriots on Instagram on Saturday night, seeing the photo of the former recipient who hugs Bill Belichick: "What Could Of Been #YouChangedOnMe, #LookAtMeNow, #ABForPresident."

He also tweeted a Message "call me" Tom Brady added that in 2020 he wants to "only play with @TomBrady or without".

The legendary New England quarterback said after the patriots' defeat at the end of the season (20:13) that he was "fairly unlikely" to retire, and issued a cryptic question: "Who knows what Future brings? " ,

As for Brown, this is not the first time he has gone public and says the patriots could use him. The exiled recipient, whom the patriots cut in September after just one game accused of sexual assault, announced on Twitter that the New England sputtering offense could use him.

"I want to involve AB in this game," Brown tweeted as the patriots chased this defeat in the fourth quarter.

In November, Brown apologized to Patriots owner Robert Kraft on Twitter and Instagram. Patriots stars Tom Brady and Julian Edelman liked Brown's Instagram post. The apology was for a shot that Brown fired in September because Kraft was accused of requesting a prostitute from a Florida massage parlor.

Brown almost had another attempt to return to the NFL when he worked with the Saints in late December, but said it was a "stunt" when he found out the team would not sign him.