Anupama Parameswaran’s Facebook account has been hacked and she trolls for transformed images


Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Premam actress Anupama Parameswaran posted the transformed images on Facebook and beat trolls for committing cybercrime.

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  • Last update: April 11, 2020, 6:09 p.m.

South Indian beauty Anupama Parameswaran recently lost her coolness after her Facebook account was hacked and her transformed pictures went viral. The hackers used their edited pictures and left the southern actress angry and irritated.

Anupama posted the transformed images on Facebook and beat trolls for committing cybercrime. She also asked how much free time these people have for such activities.

“For all the scary people who find time for all this nonsense … you have no mother or sister at home ?????? Use your brain to do something productive and not for all this stupidity ….. .. just wanted to clarify … “, she wrote in a post that was shared on April 9th.

The transformed images show how the actress’s head is cut off and glued over the image of another girl whose navel is clearly visible.

The actress also informed her fans that her account had been hacked. “An idiot hacked my account … just alarmed,” she revealed.

The premam actress soon submitted the complaint to the police and called for strict action against the perpetrators. While the actress got her account back, the Cyber ​​Cell is currently investigating the matter.

The actress was also on the news for her friendship with Indian cricketer Jasprit Bumrah.

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Anupama is preparing for her upcoming film Paluke Bangaramayera. The family entertainer is led by Sri Harsha.

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