API Integration Companies are a Boon to the Travel and Tourism industry in Kenya


The mention of Kenya brings with it the visages of the African savanna made popular by movies and wildlife documentaries on TV. The wildlife safari in the Masai Mara region has become the quintessential element of a Kenyan travelogue. And last but not least is the world-renowned climb up the Mt.Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – The highest peak in Africa.

These visages and experiences are the major draws for many international travellers and tourists, who visit the African subcontinent for these once in a lifetime experiences.

And we are in the business of providing those experiences.

We started off as a small travel company with its base in Kenya and operations in and around other African countries – Uganda, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania amongst others. Our travel business flourishes due to the influx of foreign travellers eager to explore the continent and its countries. We have specialized teams in each of the locations to cater to the regions travel itinerary and activities across multiple countries. Managing the financial transactions across borders with our team and staff along with the clientele presented us with a major conundrum which hampered our business.

In the current technological climate, a company has to integrate with cloud services and seamless mobile payment gateway integration offered by API integration companies to survive and thrive well.

We distinctly saw the rise in clientele along with the mobile payment gateway API integration done with our online booking site. Previously, clients would have to visit the bank in their country to initiate payment remittance and had to go through a tedious process for cross-border payments. This would take days to complete, with much intervention and enquiry from our clients. And honestly, we have lost many confirmed travellers to the hassles of online cross-border banking. We have been informed of the change in the decision at the last moment, which has negatively affected the business.

But, ever since we have solicited the services of API integration companies like Jenga API we have not seen much of client drops and last-minute changes. Thanks to their seamless mobile payment gateway integration, that enables easy and quick money transfer through international cards – Visa, Mastercard or American Express; banks; mobile wallets and other payment channels like Equitel, MPESA, Airtel Money, MTN Money, Tigo Cash.

When money transfer is made so easy, we are able to quicken our booking processes, align with the cross border staff more efficiently, strategize and organise our schedules effectively. All of these major business process improvements was only because of our collaboration with Mobile payment API Integration in Kenya.

We chose to go with this particular API integration company as they offered the following benefits that we just couldn’t simply overlook.

  1. They made our website developer’s life easy. An API integration is mainly in the back end involving a lot of code. Jenga API offers thorough documentation of the integration process that can be followed to the dot without a hitch. They go to lengths to educate and make the developer understand with mock examples for references which helped in reducing the integration lead time to software deployment.
  2. Far-reaching connections that enabled a variety of transactions. Jenga API was able to offer us multiple APIs that put together encompassed all the payment options our clients or we would use. From banks to international cards to mobile wallets and newer payment channels, no method was out of bounds with this API integration company. Money transfers became fluid and agile.
  3. It saved a whole lot of time for everyone. Our clients could initiate payments that took minutes to complete through mobile payment gateway API. We confirmed bookings immediately which helped in mobilizing our resources.  All of our vendors, suppliers and other business connections too benefitted from the quick payment options.

We have seen a stark difference the API integration brought to our business, throttling its success and growth story. And we would like others like us in the travel industry to benefit from our success story.