Argentinian fighter wins $ 1 million in New York and doesn't bring home any prize money



(Bloomberg) – Emiliano "He-Man" Sordi, an Argentine martial artist, won a $ 1 million wallet in New York City. If it is up to him, only the money remains.

"I'm not going to be so stupid to bring even a dollar back to Argentina," Sordi wrote on Twitter on Thursday after signing Jordan Johnson to win the Professional Fighters League light heavyweight title at Madison Square Garden.

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Government officials say many Argentinians are storing their savings outside the country, more than $ 300 billion, because they have lost hard in the troubled South American nation in past crises. Hyperinflation occurred in the late 1980s and in the early 2000s the government converted dollar savings to pesos at an unfavorable exchange rate. More recent currency devaluations have occurred.

Sordi, 28, said in a television interview that the uncertainty – and the prospect of taxes up to 50% – made him keep his price in the United States. Efforts to reach him on Friday have been unsuccessful.

The fighter, who is 6-foot-2, weighs approximately 205 pounds, and has the required number of tattoos, has a record of 22 wins and eight losses. When he grew up in Rio Cuarto, his father was a spin and the money was tight – when he started training, he had to borrow gloves. Now he commutes between Argentina and San Diego, California.

Mariano Sardans, founder of the FDI wealth management company in Buenos Aires, said in an interview that Sordi may be forced to take the dollars home and face unfavorable exchange rates and taxes. President Alberto Fernandez tightened currency controls to curb capital flight and increased export taxes to boost tax revenues.

"They talk about socialism, but with other people's money," Sordi said on television. "It's really easy that way."

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