Armaan Malik on his special technique for learning regional language songs, working with Harris Jayaraj for the debut of "Legend" Saravanan and much more

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Armaan Malik has not yet recovered from that Butta Bomma Phenomenon. The song from the recently released Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo became a sensational hit.

"Thaman and I knew the song would go well, but would become a crossover national hit? Impressive. When the film was released, it really catapulted the popularity of the song to another level, "he smiles, adding," Now even people in northern India have sung the song to me. I think it's just about the "happy feeling" that the song conveys and that makes you want to hear it further. "

The 24-year-old is in Chennai to record for Jayaraj Harris, who will be back in Tamil cinema after a few years.

And the film? No prices for guesswork, it's for the debut film by Saravanan Arul, the owner of Legend Saravana Stores. Armaan will work with Harris Jayaraj and the writer Pa Vijay for the film to be titled, which is directed by the director duo JD-Jerry. The film plays Geethika Tiwary as the main actress.

“I recently worked with Anirudh on the Hindi version of Tharam Maara single of Darbar and now I'm happy to sing in Tamil again, ”he says.

Geethika Tiwary and Saravanan Arul at the start of their film

Geethika Tiwary and Saravanan Arul at the start of their film

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The singer's repertoire, sung for over 13 years, spans several languages. Certainly it must have been difficult for him to understand the lyrics of his songs … "That's right, but I have a special technique. First I write the lyrics in English and learn to pronounce them with my period and hyphen system Then I learn the composition from the music director, "says Armaan of his way of working." After all, I understand the meaning behind each verse so that I can correctly assess the different emotions when signing it. It is a complicated process that works. "

Armaan says he's a lover of language – a trait that few singers admit. He adds that it helped him survive in the film industry: “Not many have done it before, and not many will do it in the future. That's why people like Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal are so respected. They have proven themselves consistently in so many languages. "

When Armaan realizes that his voice has evolved over the years, he says that he has managed to "feel fresh" every time. "My voice has a different pitch, which goes not only with age, but also with experience. All of this flows into the formation of my voice. I think that's why people enjoy it," he says.