Astros & # 39; strongest summer refusal does not come from Jose Altuve

<pre><pre>Astros & # 39; strongest summer refusal does not come from Jose Altuve

At least one Astros player was willing to risk whatever was left of his reputation.

While most teammates shared few details about the sign-theft scheme in Houston during the team's first media availability this season, Carlos Correa emphatically denied reports that the Astros had ever worn electronic devices.

"That's a lie. Nobody was wearing buzzer. Nobody was wearing equipment. This story should already be killed," Correa told reporters in West Palm Beach, Florida.

"We know 100 percent that we as a team … If I lie here, I lose credibility when something like this comes out and that's not what I want to do." I want to tell the truth. It’s just wrong. Nobody was wearing anything. Nothing in 2018. 2019 nothing. In 2017, nobody was wearing any devices. "

Jose Altuve had the opportunity to share his side of the story and emphatically denied reports that he was wearing a buzzer when he did the pennant-winning home run against the Yankees in October. Instead, he relied on the results of the Commissioner's report, which found no evidence that the Astros was carrying electronic equipment.

"MLB has investigated and found nothing," said Altuve. “They found what they found in 2017, a really good investigation. You have examined the buzzer and found nothing. If you say you don't think I didn't have a buzzer, don't believe what MLB investigated. "

Even without the help of Summern, Correa was unable to defend the team's actions during the World Series title run.

"There is no excuse. We were wrong about everything we did in 2017," said Correa. "It is not what we stand for and it is not what we want to represent as an organization. We're really sorry. We have influenced careers. We kind of influenced the game. It was just bad. "

Justin Verlander, who was traded to Houston towards the end of the 2017 season, also regretted this.

"I wish I had said more," said Verlander. "I can't go back. I can't undo my decision. I'm sorry."