Astro's outrage rises into ugly places: "Hope your children get cancer"


The Astros electronic sealing scandal has led to hostility that has resulted in death threats and fans who want to harm the families of the players, outfielder Josh Reddick said on Friday.

Reddick told reporters that he posted a video of his five-month-old twins on social media earlier this month.

"I hope your child gets cancer," said one person.

"I'm going to kill your whole family," wrote another.

Reddick said Astro's teammates had received similar threats. The team met on Friday morning with the head of the players' association, Tony Clark, about the ongoing effects.

"There is an increased sense of concern that they and their families will be protected," said Clark.

The Astros 2017 illegally stole signs on the way to the World Series title. After an investigation, MLBs were suspended Astro managers AJ Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow were suspended for a year and then both were released by owner Jim Crane. The Astros were fined $ 5 million and expired in the first and second rounds in 2020 and 2021.

Josh Reddick
Josh ReddickGetty Images

However, no players were disciplined because they were promised immunity to speak to Commissioner Rob Manfred's office. Carlos Beltran, a player on the team, was named in the investigation and lost his managerial job at the Mets. Alex Cora, a bank trainer at Astros in 2017, was also sacked by the Red Sox from his job as manager of the team.

Reddick, who posted career best in 2017 in batting average (.314) and OPS (.847), and the Astros players aren't the only ones to be a target on social media. Mike Fiers, the whistleblower who got everything going, was also threatened, he said on Thursday.

"Anyway, I don't care. I've dealt with many death threats before. It's just another thing on my plate," said Fiers, who is now tossing for the A & # 39; s, the San Francisco Chronicle.