Aubrey Huff's radio interview goes off track after the Giants World Series decision


A radio host in San Francisco has had enough of Aubrey Huff.

"I can totally understand why the Giants don't want to have anything to do with you," said Joe Fortenbaugh, co-host of the Joe, Lo & Dibs show said "The Game" on Tuesday, July 95th before hanging up the two-time World Series champion. "I regret having put you on because I think to myself:" You know what? He is exactly the fool he imagines on social media. "

The 43-year-old retired Giants made headlines this week after being categorized as persona non grata due to the “unacceptable” comments posted on social media at the 2010 World Series reunification.

Instead of taking the on-air opportunity to improve his image, the non-apologetic Huff doubled his sexist beliefs.

"I don't think a woman should be a man in professional sports," he said. "Absolutely not. There are so many more people, especially men, who make this place who deserve more than them."

Huff refers to his keen opposition to the Giants hiring Alyssa Nakken, who became MLB's first coach in January.

“I had problems because I was wearing a thong in my own clubhouse when reporters were present. I can't imagine what it will look like with a full-time trainer walking around. #Metoo & #BelieveAllWomen wrote this all over it. Only in @SFGiants, ”Huff wrote on Twitter after announcing Nakken's hiring. "I couldn't imagine receiving baseball lessons from a former softball player. 🙄 Have fun with @ bcraw35 @ bbelt9 @BusterPosey.”

Huff defended his position by saying that he did not believe that "men belong to women's university sports or to sports in general".

"Why should they want to be?" Huff said. "I don't want to train women in sports. Women are tough enough to handle them anyway."

"Aubrey, do you really think now is the time to make this joke?" Fortenbaugh asked.

"Hey man, you're on me, so I'm joking. You don't like it, you don't have to interview me, "replied Huff.

Former San Francisco Giants player Aubrey Huff.
Former San Francisco Giants player Aubrey Huff.Getty Images

The giants claim that their stance is not a question of political disagreement – Huff is a supporter of President Trump – but rather "cross[ing] the line when it comes to misogyny, vulgarity and common decency ”. after Andrew Baggarly of The Athletic,

Huff's views of Nakken were far from the only offensive opinions he had recently expressed. In January, Huff tweeted an extremely unpleasant joke about the kidnapping of Iranian women.

"We can bring them back here if they fan us and feed us grapes, among other things," he wrote. After triggering a backlash, Huff tried to justify the tweet by saying, "No one has any sense of humor?"

In November, Huff sparked controversy by posting a photo of a target area sheet full of bullet holes with the headline: “My boys, in the unlikely event that @BernieSanders will deal with @realDonaldTrump in 2020, using a weapon. In this case, knowing how to use a weapon effectively in socialism will be a must. By the way, most of the headshots were hers. @NRA @WatchChad # 2. Change. "

Still, Huff believes the nudge is a persecution because he supports President Trump.

“We live in a country that is under attack. Society is desperately trying to take away our first amendment, our freedom of speech and our freedom of political association, ”he said said in a statement on Twitter, "I am disappointed that the Giants are so against President Trump and our constitutional rights that they would not invite me to reunite my team."

"You seem to have no regrets for any of this," said Fortenbaugh. "When people are outraged at the things you say when you talk about kidnapping Iranian women, you don't even seem to bother to understand the other side if you want them to understand your side."

"If your bum hurts in the air, the show host actually starts screaming and crying when he hangs up angry. We had a great time on the show. Thank you guys. #winning @ 957thegame @JoeFortenbaugh ” Huff tweeted after the show,