Australian International Tourism Update – Is It Safe to Travel Now?

Australian International Touris

As we are all aware, the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020 has brough the world to a pause. Although, we might be getting used to living with the virus, some parts of the world are still struggling. Also, fact that there is no clear indication about any cure or vaccine for it leaves plenty to think about.

International tourism has probably suffered the most because of the Coronavirus outbreak this year. Flights are grounded, tourism is banned in many parts of the world, hotels are forced to shut down and more. Fair to say, not many people are travelling in their country these days let alone internationally.

The discussion of whether or not Australians should travel internationally, has never been so deep. Considering that Australia is in a better condition compared to other countries for the virus concerns, you must wonder too. Read through to find out if it is safe to travel already or not quite yet!

Australia Is Getting Better with the Virus

Australia is coping much better with Covid-19 than many other countries of the world. Although, past few weeks have seen somewhat higher number of cases, yet, Australia is in a better state than others. It is pretty evident that the country is headed in the right direction with the virus threat.

However, when you consider international travels for Australians, things aren’t the same at all. What you need to think about is the fact that rest of the world is not in such conditions as Australia. For many countries of the world, medical facilities might not be as good.

When it eventually gets better, services like currency exchange in Melbourne and other cities are expected to pick up. Also, for local Australian tourism, things are looking good. As of right now, many local places have opened up and are welcoming guests.

Many Parts of the World Still Restricted

International travelers and holiday goers are always looking for that next big adventure. But, keeping the Covid-19 situation in mind, many countries of the world have restricted tourism services. This will include most of Americas and many other parts as things are worst there right now.

Also, there is no guarantee about when more lockdowns are going to get imposed anywhere in the world. Chances of international tourists being locked down in any city are always there. If you are someone who doesn’t want to be in such a situation, best leave international travels for later.

Also, with restrictions and lockdowns in place currently, you may not even find hotels and other services as well. These are all risks you must not take and wait for the right time for international travels. However, all parts of the world are not in such condition as well.

Airlines Opening Up Service Slowly – But!

Yes, airlines are getting back in service slowly. Some of the most popular ones around the world have started taking passengers already as well. However, there is a bit BUT in there. It all comes with a catch and a price too dear for most to pay.

First off, you need your Covid-19 test report before travelling. In case of a positive test, you will be banned from all airlines altogether. Secondly, you need to check for available flights as there are not many going around these days.

Also, another big problem is the fact that most countries required international arriving passengers to remain in quarantines for up to 14 days. Bummer right! Unless you like to be locked in a room for two weeks, it is a no go right now. However, things are moving in the right direction.

Carefully Selecting Your Destination

If, however, you are adamant on traveling, you need to be very careful choosing where to go. Proper research is required in the matter helping you select a destination that will be open and safe too. This is easier said than done of course.

Not many places of the world are safe from the virus spread of 2020. Yet, it is also not clear that what places are badly affected. It is all about calculating the risk factor carefully. You should make sure to get your money exchange in Melbourne or any other city service before traveling too.

Minimize interaction with people wherever you go. Take most of the stuff you will need with you and don’t go in public crowded places as much. Whatever you can do to reduce the risk factor, will come useful once you are eventually there.

Staying Home Is Still the Best Option

No matter how many personal protection protocols are in place, staying home is still the best possible option. You will be out of harm’s way if you don’t get in the way at all. Also, nothing is going anywhere. All places can be visited once this threat is over and done with.

There are many fun little activities that might keep you interested at home. Also, local tourism in Australia is a much safer option indeed. You will also not need any currency exchange in Perth or any other city services as well. Local currency will be usable and people who understand you will be there.

When Can We Expect Everything to Be Normal Again!

As of right now, almost the whole world is trying to find a cure for the virus. Whether you look at some herbal scientists in India or the actual labs in the USA, everyone is looking for something. It is just a matter of time before someone comes up with something.

If current estimates are to be believed, we are on course to getting a cure by start of next year. This just leaves a matter of few months on our hands. If we can restrict our international travels till then, we might be able to save more people from getting infected.

Should You Travel Now?

All things considered; this is not the right time to travel for Australians. At least, there should be no international travel considerations made right now. If you are simply too bored from staying home, visit some local tourist places.

There is plenty in Australia that most of us have not explored. The country is not one of the most visited ones across the world for nothing. Every year, millions of people come into the country to visit nature and beautiful landscapes in all their glory.

Only travel internationally if you absolutely have to. Tourism aspirations can all be treated right after the world starts spinning again. Your health and everyone else’s health and lives are most important. Stay home, stay safe.