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Automatic Inspection Turbine Type Screw Feeding Machine For Multi-batch Screw Locking Machine


1V8 turbine type screw feeder

Suitable for multi-batch automatic screw locking machine

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Working Principle

1. Feeding method: turbine feeding is adopted to automatically transport screws into the vibration guide rail, and the screws are automatically arranged on the vibration track, with automatic screening screw, automatic supply of air, no - material alarm function.

2. Feeding mode: the use of vibration guide rail sensor control, at the same time can give four electric batch feeding, four electric batch at the same time after the lock pay reset, PLC issued when discharging and feeding is triggered, four screws are automatically transferred to the batch head without repeated feeding.

3. Sliding teeth do not feed: in the process of lock pay, torque can not reach, the screw is not sent out, to prevent the appearance of leather mouth jam.

1. Applicable screw length range: customized;
2. Width of track conveying screw: 1.0mm~5.0mm;
3. Screw material requirements: Iron metal;
4. Input voltage: AC220V

Product Characteristic:

a. Mechanical lifting structure, low noise, long life, strong and durable, stable and reliable.

b. Independent control system, get a command immediately send out the screw and give feedback signal, can support various forms of automatic screw locking machine.

c. Up to 12 pipes can be equipped, which can be screened after setting on the screen, easy to replace the product.

d. There are many groups of sensors detection screw, screw feeding fast, accurate and stable, easy to install and control.

e. Industrial-grade design, open structure, even if the screw caused by bad material can be blocked in a few seconds.

f. Automatic screw feeding machine with microcomputer control system, and equipped with LCD screen to display and adjust various technical parameters, each screw feeding has sensors detection, so that the automatic feeding fast, accurate, stable and reliable; Built-in PLC and touch screen, more convenient and quick connection with PLC signal.

Product Specification:

Power Supply AC220V 50Hz
Weight 10KG
Dimension (H)300*(L)600*(W)450mm
Air Pressure 2-3KGF/cm²
Capacity of Screw feeder 3000pcs
Screw Feeding speed 2-5 pcs per second
Efficiency 2-5 pcs per second
Power 250W
Torque of Screw driver 3-15kg
Minimum Centre Distance between two Screw driver 20mm, no limit for the maximum hole spacing
Distance 1-4m
Width of screw feeding track 1.0mm~5.0mm
Screw driver Taiwan KILEWS screw driver Taiwan KILEWS screw driver


  1. Track adjustable, easy to disassemble, suitable for screws with diameter between 1.0mm~5.0mm, special screws need to be customized.

  2. The vibration intensity of the feeder can be adjusted to meet the requirements of screw design of various specifications.

  3. The automatic screw feeder is a mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic integrated automation device that integrates the principles of mechanical transmission and electromagnetic vibration, plus pneumatic and microcomputer program control, and liquid crystal display. It can filter, sort, detect, distribute and accurately and quickly send the screws poured into the basin through the pipeline, and can be used with various forms of automatic or semi-automatic screw locking machines.

  4. The automatic screw feeder can accurately allocate 1 screw to each pipe and smoothly send it out through the conveying pipe. It can be used by 4 screwdrivers at the same time, and the machine performance is maximized.

  5. The automatic screw feeder uses a microcomputer control system, and is equipped with an LCD screen to display and adjust various technical parameters. The feeding of each screw is detected by a sensor, which makes automatic feeding fast, accurate, stable and reliable.

  6. The automatic screw feeder is an industrialized design with an open structure. Even if the failure is caused by the poor screw feed, the worker can eliminate it within a few seconds. The whole machine is durable and durable. It has a service life of tens of millions of times to ensure uninterrupted and stable operation of the machine for a long time.

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