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Automatic screw lock machine screw fastening systems with desktop or scara robots


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Equipment name Non-standard lock payment Equipment size Length * width * height (can be designed according to the actual situation)
equipment power 300W Ambient temperature -10--40 degrees
power supply AC220 50HZ Air pressure Greater than 5bar
Product selection instructions 1. There are various types of screws. The total length of the screws should be greater than 1.2 times the diameter of the nut.
2. The total length of the screws should not be greater than 40mm.
3. Suitable for digital, electronic, small household appliances, power switches, lamps, LEDs, toys and other products.
The main function of the product 1. With intelligent detection function, it can detect leaked locks, floating locks, sliding teeth, etc.
2. The cycle of locking a workpiece is within 5s (4 screws)
3. The locking screw is: the sample automatic screw provided, the allowable size tolerance of the incoming material is ±0.2mm
4. The locking product: according to the product sample provided by the customer Custom-made equipment
5. Fixture: According to the product design, it is placed in multiple rows and multiple rows. Requires accurate positioning and simple and convenient replacement.
6. The equipment does not damage the product during use (such as product deformation, scratches, appearance damage, etc.)
7. Reliability and stability: The equipment can continue for 20 hours a day under the premise of qualified product quality Lock screw

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