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We manufacture automatic screwing machine, including screw locking machine & screw feeders 
with a full line of robotic screwdriver systems and automatic screw feeders. 
Multi-spindle automatic screw machines, Desktop Screw Fastening Robots (Screw Fastening Machines) , 
Automatic portable screwing machine, automatic screw tightening machine, 
more screwing machine, check below products.

Desktop Auto Screw Lock Machine, Automatic Screw Locking System, Automatic screw locking robot

We are specialize in R&D, manufacturing Automatic screw lock machine , providetotal solution for customer products screw fastening. Our main products includedHandheld type, XYZ axis Desktop type screw driving machine , Muilt axis type and Robotic screwdriver machine .Which widly used for Mobile phones, Car Electronic products, Householdappliances, Power supply, Instrument equipment, LED(LCD) module, Computerkeyboards, PAD, Aerospace, Medical, Military industrial .

This Automatic Screw Lock Machine has a wide range of applications, such as: mobile phones, keyboards, automobiles, computers, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, color LCD screens, electronic components (such as relays, loudspeakers), optical lens components, etc.

1) Auto desktop screw fastening robot may solve large, medium and small businesses artificially shortages,

manufacturing efficiency, low labour and material consumptions cost increase, management and so on

many substantive problems.

2) The automatic screw lock machine is widely utilized in a variety of businesses, such as mobile phones, hard drives, keyboards, toys,LCD/LED modules, communications equipment, electrical appliances, automobile parts and other electronic processing assembly. This is the automatic production solution for the smart factory.

3) The automatic screw locking robot machine using two systems: an automatic moving electrical screwdriver and an automatic screw feeder.It joins the automatic screw feeder with the mechanically moving electric screwdriver to realize the complementary supply of screws and the locking, which greatly improves the production efficiency and saves manpower and save your more production price. When the screwdriver is raised after locking the screw, the automatic feeder will send the other twist to the Escape of the automatic feeder. The screwdriver head absorbs the screw and the robot can automatically move according to the coordinate point and tighten it. This is especially suitable for multi-station workpieces of the identical specification.

Automatic screw locking system features

1. Automatic screw locking line, feeding, automatic choice of profield screws, automatic replenishment

of vacant materials.

3. Efficiency can be 120 pieces per minute.

2. No need hand to take the screws by hand, automatic screw feeding.

4. Versatility, electrical screwdriver can be hand-held, flexible operation, suitable for fixed-point


6. Small shape, conveying distance around 4 meters, the machine can be put on the workbench or under the tabel, space saving.

5. Lightweight of the electric screw driver, accurate and convenient torque adjustment guarantees

the screw fastening quality.

7. One-hand screw locking operation, easy to press the screwdriver to complete the screw fastening.

8. Screw feeder provide reliable and fast, fastening can be done in almost any direction.

9. Safe and no sounds.

10. LCD screen, counting and alert function.

Screw robot function:

1. High-precision electric screwdriver,can control torque to provide customers with stable and high-precision quality assurance.

2. Strong suction nozzle, be certain to suck the screws each time.

3. Electric batch system with screw floating and sliding lock detection function: When the screw is awful (leak lock, slide enamel, float lock), the machine will automatically pause and alert.

4. The entire assortment of motion (x, y axis) is from 200*200mm to 500*500mm, and there are many models available.

5. Dual Y-axis layout, alternate operation, no merchandise take-up time, realize maximum production efficiency.

6. The screw has strong flexibility, just adjust the track, replace the suction nozzle, and the batch head can adapt to the screw lock attachment of M0. 8-M4.

7. Can add CCD appearance detection, quality monitoring during the procedure.

8. Screw torque tester (optional).

9. This product is acceptable for a wide assortment of applications: mobile phones, keyboards, cars, computers, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, colour LCD screens, electronic components (such as relays, speakers),optical lens components lock screw surgeries,etc..

As the leading automated assembly line manufacturer from China, we offers automatic screw feeder machine, automatic screw driving machine, automatic screw fastening machine, automatic screw tightening machine, automatic screw feeding systems, assembly automation screw feeders and more at factory price.





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