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Automatic Screw Tightening Machine

Automatic Screw Tightening Machine, Automatic Screw Tighten System

Dispensing and screw-locking all-purpose machine refers to the automated gear that has both the dispensing function of the dispenser as well as the automatic locking screw system. While supplying screw locking purpose, it finished the dispensing design

1, With its own dispensing feature, for some devices that require shredding, you can enter the dispensing program immediately after locking the screw, which can be more convenient and cheaper.

2, The product has high price performance. In comparison with manual locking screws, the locking efficiency is greater and the locking angle is better.

Automatic Screw Tightening Machine Features:

1. With intelligent inspection function, inspection miss locked, unstable locked, loose screw and so on.

2. Wide universality, small in size, can cooperate with production line, convenient for product replacement.

3. The Y axis can be made into double-station(that is, double Y axis),so the operator can load alternately.

4. Accurate torsion, convenient adjustment, and the quality of lock is guaranteed.

5. High degree of automation, easy operation which the staff can master and debug quickly.

6. With the role of leak detection, after a twist didn't fill in place it may fill continually or begin alert processing.

7. Touch monitor or teach pendant programmable achieve more surgeries,Through a simple programming, can be placed into production, convenient for management and production. .

Automatic Screw Tightening Machine Advantages:

1. High efficiency:the amount of electrical screwdriver of the Z axis is customizable according to clients' requirements. Several electric screwdrivers can work at exactly the exact same time.

2. Reduce price:High-efficiency operation is accomplished by just 1 person.one individual's efficiency levels to 3-5 persons' efficacy

3. Reliability:Automatic alarm system, functioning >20 hours

4. More relax: single gear for single employee, Just finished loading,Reduce the labour intensity of employees.

5. Customization: Robot could be customized based on clients' needs on products assembly.

6. Very good image: Iintelligent Automated equipment presents a new Look of production line in factories,which helps businesses establish a picture of high technology

Automatic screw tighten machine with robot arm for electric appliances assembly

1) The screw secure locking robot comprise two components: The feeding system will dictate screws and disperse them through allocation, and send them into the screwdriver through the pipe. The electrical or pneumatic screwdriver will lock the screws to the ideal place of the goods.

2)Automatic screw feeding apparatus subvert the functioning principle of classic screw feeding apparatus by abandoning the vibration plate and pusher. It carries forward the benefits and overcomes the disadvantages of classic screw feeding device, which makes it portable, secure, secure and fast with low noise and reduced energy consumption.

3)Compared with conventional screwdriver, automatic screw feeding apparatus just needs one hand to take the screwdriver and align the screw hole, saving the flip side. After locking one screw, another one will be sent to the mouth of the screwdriver the minute it's lifted.

4) Automobile screw locking system is easy to operate:the conventional manual take aim screws and screw holes need to take up a lot of energy and time, and equipments are constantly put just artifacts.

5)The screw tightening machine with high criteria: lock cover process by equipment in line with the program itself entirely, prevent the ill effects of artificial wrong operation; Lock cover cycle is brief, the gear can be embedded body reach streamline operations.

6)Automatic screw secure lockong robot with the smart: PLC intelligent control circuits, configure the touchscreen, the production data in a glance.

7)With stable performance: gear imported raw materials, equipment, production of high efficacy, low failure rate, very good guarantee product quality, to make certain that gear zero fault.

Automatic Screw Locking Robot Use Method:

1. Open the power, through air, adjust Great torque and pressure;

2. Check if dial the code change corresponding product version;

3. The screw into the screw in the bin, screw amount to more than screw conveyor elevation advisable;

4. If There's No grain of twist to lock electric set of solder mouth and need to press the test button, the machine motion twice, ensure that electrical batch of clip mouth There's a grain of screw batch of clamp mouth waiting to lock electricity;

5. Before the lock twist, need to test all the power of if there is a grain of screw to lock in the face area;

6. Assess whether feeder vibrator switch at the specified place;

7. Check completed, press the reset button, to begin production.

Automatic screw tighten machine Application:

1. Scope of applicative screws: M2- M6

2. Surface Treatment of twist: electrolytic nickel plating, color zinc plating, white zinc plating, and copper plating, etc..

3. Scope of applicative screw heads: for any universal kind such as straight slot, cross, triangle groove, trox, hexagonal, H mind, etc..

4. Materials of goods to be screwed: iron, plastic, aluminum, etc..

5. Screw materials: iron, copper, stainless steel, etc..

6. Applicative Industries: mobile photo, hard disk, keyboard, toy, LCD/LED modules, communication equipment, electric appliances, auto parts and so forth.

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