Bart Scott: Chargers would be the perfect landing site for Tom Brady



Bart Scott has found a new landing site for Tom Brady next season.

Scott, who will be launching his new 98.7 FM ESPN radio show in New York on January 20 with Alan Hahn, told Post Office Andrew Marchand that 42-year-old Brady would be a perfect fit for the Los Angeles Chargers.

"Well, if we play quarterback chairs and we think Philip Rivers might go to the Colts, Tom Brady is the perfect destination for the Chargers," Scott said on ESPN's "Get Up!" Show Thursday. "You talk about their skills. He would go home. They are going to their new stadium this year. You have to fill the stadium. They don't fill a football stadium. When they move there, you're talking about causing some sizzling. There are a lot of Patriots fans on the west coast, he's a west coast guy. "

Scott also said he believed Brady was motivated to prove that he could win alone.

"I think Brady wants to prove that he can win without (Belichick)," he said. "I'm going out with Anthony Lynn, with a team with a huge ending in (Hunter) Henry. You think of Keenan Allen, perhaps one of the best receivers he has ever played with, and the (Mike) Williams kid is a blast. Even if they don't bring (Melvin) Gordon back, they have (Austin) disgust. I think he has some of the best weapons he has had in years. "

Brady, who is in the last year of his contract and preparing for the 17th post-season of his 20-year NFL career, has bypassed his forward-looking statement by avoiding big hits in his illustrious career.

"I'm not particularly nostalgic," said Brady, who is preparing for a playoff match against the Titans in the first round on Saturday night. "I'm just pretty focused on what I have to do. This week has felt like every other week in the past 20 years."

Former jet Damien Woody believes Saturday will be the end of the Super Bowl winner's six-time tenure in New England, mainly because after their ugly defeat at the end of the season, the patriots are not getting into the playoffs with vigor to the dolphins that give them the Seed number 2 and a bye cost.

"I think we'll see the end," said Woody, who won two Super Bowls alongside Brady. "I think this will be the end of Tom Brady in a patriot uniform."