Bavuma achieves double standards in the transformation debate

<pre><pre>Bavuma achieves double standards in the transformation debate

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) – Temba Bavuma hopes that his striking win against England in Tuesday's first one-day international match in Newlands will end the debate over whether he deserves his place on the team.

South Africa's Temba Bavuma reacts after losing its Wicket REUTERS / Mike Hutchings

Bavuma, who finished third, had an excellent 98 after a difficult month in which he was temporarily dropped by the test team for a home run against England that lost 3-1 to South Africa.

Social media debated whether his place in the team was deserved or whether he was selected to remove imbalances from the country's apartheid era.

Cricket South Africa aims to include two black African players and four from the mixed and Indian community in each team, averaged over the year.

"It was hard. It's not so much about dropping, all players are dropped, everyone is going down because they didn't hit well, ”Bavuma told reporters.

“The awkwardness and discomfort on my part is when you get involved in conversations about transformation.

"Yes, I'm black, that's my skin. But I play cricket because I love it.

"I think the reason why I am on the team is because of the performance that I have shown on my franchise team and also for the national team whenever I could."

The 29-year-old, who has been a top performer across all formats in domestic cricket in recent years, has beaten what he saw as a double standard in the transformation debate.

"The only thing that annoys me is when you are seen through the eyes of transformation," he said.

“If you do well, there is no talk of transformation, but if you do poorly, transformation is high on the agenda. I have a serious problem with it.

"We have to be able to reconcile the good with the bad. If the transformation is bad, if the players in Black Africa don't do well, then if we are doing well, we should also recognize the transformation for what they do did. "

The tiny batsman said that he doesn't take his place on the team for granted.

"I don't think I pinned my place on the side. This was only my third game and I'm happy to be on the field," he added.

"I don't know what will happen after this series or the next week. It's just to enjoy the little moments that I have."

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