‘Beast Beast’ Director Danny Madden on How His Characters Each Play ‘a Different Part of My Brain’ (Video)


“Beast Beast” director Danny Madden and his cast dropped by TheWrap studio at Sundance and he discussed how the characters in his film represent different parts of his brain. Watch the interview above.

“Like most of my ideas it all comes from just this hodge podge of things and feelings and conversations and people in my life and experiences I’ve had and it all meshes together and so I wrote a trip tick,” Madden tells TheWrap.

“It’s three different characters and their stories all interweave and each of them kind of plays a different part of my brain,” Madden added. “We have like a theater kid, and a kind of skateboarder, and a filmmaker in a sense, and so for me it was kind of just like diving up the brain and letting the story go where it needs to go.”

“Beast Beast” is a coming of age story set in a quiet southern town, where popular and charismatic theatre kid Krista finds herself increasingly drawn to Nito, the new student in her high school who catches her attention with his impressive skating videos. The two share an easy rapport and quickly grow close. Unbeknownst to her, their lives and that of her gun-loving neighbor, Adam, will soon become intertwined–until they reach a breaking point.