Beauty YouTuber dies of brain tumor

Samantha last

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Samantha last


Samantha Last broke the news of her diagnosis in a video viewed more than 360,000 times

A YouTuber whose diagnosis of terminal brain tumor caused a holiday fundraising campaign of £ 20,000 has died.

Samantha died for the last time on Friday, 10 days after her 50th birthday, and four months after doctors discovered that her condition was incurable.

Supporters donated money for Norfolk's mother of four to make a road trip that, according to her, would allow her to "enjoy the time I have left."

Her husband David Last said there was "a new bright star that shines in the sky."

Posting on his wife's Instagram page, he wrote: "I am shocked and dazed. I knew this day would come. But I was not yet ready for that."

"All I can say is that in the 35 years we have been together, we have created special memories and have had our children and grandchildren."

Ms. Last, of Diss, died at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

She had been diagnosed in September, after having gone to the hospital with a headache after feeling "very shaky."

The vlogger, whose Samantha Jaelle channel on YouTube focuses on makeup tutorials, broke the news of her tumor to followers in a video viewed more than 700,000 times.

After Mr. Last created a donation page, more than £ 20,000 was raised so that the family could travel to Devon.


David Last said he was "shocked and dazed" after the death of his wife

At that time, he said "the idea that we are going to go where we want and do what we want is the freedom I need."

"I'm surprised he had so much support," he added.

Three days after embarking on the trip, he returned to have his brain tumor partially removed at Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge. Then he received chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Ms. Last's followers on social media have left hundreds of comments offering their condolences to her family.