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Cedarlane Culinary

Combine a powerful heating element with a mixer and add clever accessories for multitasking. You get the all-in-one small appliance called Bellini Kitchen Master. The chef has a grocery list with features like chopping, kneading, mixing, cooking and steaming, and hopes to offer you everything you need to prepare a meal or prepare a delicate sauce. Using the chef will definitely help keep dishes to a minimum and give your kitchen a little ingenuity if you can understand the plethora of pieces.

If you'd like to consolidate on your countertop, you can now order the Bellini Kitchen Master for over $ 600 from the appliance company Cedarlane Culinary through their website. You can also find it at Bed, Bath & Beyond and WayFair. In Australia, you can purchase Target Australia's original 500W model (as opposed to the 800W U.S. version) for AU $ 399. The package includes a brochure with more than 70 recipes and an external scale that fits the blades, baskets and bowls you need for the many functions. The Bellini Kitchen Master is not yet available in the UK, but the price is approximately £ 384.

A complex toolkit

Despite a clear LCD screen, it can be a major task to use all the functions of the kitchen master correctly. Together, all the parts look confusing. The Cedarlane website recommends that you familiarize yourself with the functions of the machine before experimenting with your own recipes. You can do this using the instructions that come with the recipes, and the complexity can be a fair compromise on performance once you're ready to go.

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The steam accessory.

Cedarlane Culinary

Following these included recipes may seem easy, but complex dishes still require several steps. As a struggling cook, I hoped the Bellini could do all the work for me. That doesn't seem quite right, but if it works as promised, I may be able to cook more complicated dishes than I could otherwise.

Each step sets the time and temperature, occasionally scraping the sides of the bowl and adding an additional ingredient. The convenience lies in the precise temperature control and the fine mixing of the machine. For a more experienced cook, convenience comes primarily from having to deal with fewer dishes.


A powerful blender can do most, if not all, of the heat-based tasks that Bellini claims it can do. Compared to that We tested more powerful modelshow the 1500W Ninja Ultima and the 1440W Vitamix 7500 The 800W of the Bellini mixer looks like a pedestrian.

The Bellini is also not the first machine that tries to combine the performance of an entire kitchen in one package. Thermomix is ​​perhaps the most well-known brand, but models cost $ 2,000 or more. Bellini has the specs to keep up with his competitor's 1,000 W heating power, and outperforms the Thermomix's 500 W mixer with an 800 W motor.

The advantage of Thermomix is ​​the simplified control and the automated recipe support via scannable barcodes. The upcoming Taurus MyCook Touch (No pricing yet) will go even further towards technological convenience by adding Wi-Fi functions and recipes to a similar multifunction package.

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The stainless steel bowl.

Cedarlane Culinary

The Bellini Kitchen Master offers a substantial discount over the Thermomix and offers similar functions. The latter could be easier to use, but I doubt that it could be so much easier to justify the additional $ 1,000 you would spend to get it. The Taurus will create an interesting competition if the WiFi works well and the price is reasonable.


Cooking an entire meal with a single device is very attractive. I'm not convinced that the Bellini Kitchen Master will make the process so much less complex, but if it works well, it will certainly be more convenient. By offering all the functions necessary for the finesse of complex dishes, time and energy should be saved for the professionals and beginners like me should be given the chance to prepare delicious appetizers.