Belviq dietary medicine may increase cancer risk: FDA

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January 16, 2020: Lorcaserin prescription weight control medication (Belviq, Belviq XR) may increase cancer risk, according to the results of a clinical trial that evaluates the safety of the medication, according to the Food and Drug Administration USA UU.

The agency said "we cannot conclude that lorcaserin contributes to cancer risk," but "I wanted the public to be aware of this potential risk. We will continue to evaluate the results of clinical trials and communicate our conclusions and final recommendations when we have completed our review ".

Health care providers should weigh the benefits of taking lorcaserin against potential risks when deciding whether to prescribe or continue patients with the medication, the FDA advised.

He said that patients currently taking lorcaserin should talk to their health professionals about the possible increase in cancer risk with the use of the medication.

Lorcaserin is approved for use with a low-calorie diet and increased physical activity to help with weight loss in obese or overweight adults who have weight-related medical problems.

Lorcaserin increases the feeling of satiety so that people eat less. It is available as a tablet (Belviq) and an extended-release tablet (Belviq XR).

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