Ben Affleck presses Tom Brady on the future of his patriots


Even die-hard patriot fan Ben Affleck isn't familiar with Tom Brady's free agency plans.

When the Oscar winner appeared on ESPN Tuesday “Get Up,” he announced that he had failed to get 42-year-old Brady to reveal his potential future outside of New England.

"M.e and Matt [Damon] texted him and said, "What's up? Are you going or are you staying? & # 39;" said Affleck, adding that Brady just shrugged.

Brady is expected to hit the free market for the first time in his 20-year career next month. Affleck has come into conflict as a personal friend of Brady and a lifelong Patriot fan.

"I hope he stays," Affleck began. “For the same reason, he has given a lot of money to play for this franchise over the years that he has earned. The New England Patriots didn't sacrifice any money to win all of these Super Bowls, sell all of these tickets, and sell all of these goods. "

Given Brady's alleged price, which is said to be in the neighborhood of $ 30 million a year, Affleck hopes that the quarterback will not only get the money, but also the weapons he deserves.

Ben Affleck and Tom Brady
Ben Affleck and Tom BradyGetty Images

"He sacrificed a lot, he made a lot of cuts, they still didn't surround him with …" Affleck said something about the patriots' lack of offensive goals It was rumored that Brady was frustrated this past season.

Should Brady choose to continue his career elsewhere – since the Chargers now have a quarterback position after breaking ties with Philip Rivers – Affleck said that he would understand as difficult as it was like.

"I pray and hope that he stays. It would break my heart if he went, but I would respect that fact if he wanted to go, ”he said.

Brady and the patriots have not yet contracted, ESPN reported last week.