The 5 Benefits of Yoga for Body Builders

Benefits of Yoga for Body Builders

According to popular belief yoga and body building does not go together. After all it is rarely if never, you would see a muscled and toned man do toe touches or stretches of yoga. That is so because body building is thought of as exclusive of yoga. This is a misconception and on the contrary, if body building is coupled with yoga, it can give many benefits.

Basically both deal with the act of contraction by a muscle and then the counteraction by another muscle. Unlike bodybuilding, Yoga does this combining both anatomy and physiology simultaneously – thus bodybuilders will undoubtedly get many benefits by Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga for Body Builders

It will help the internal organs with Yoga and the external body parts with bodybuilding. Yoga takes into account some distinct techniques that aid to strengthen the respiratory system and holding the breath . Here are some ways that yoga can help you in your body building routine.

1. Body Flexibility

It is evident that a stiff body will not be able to move or workout to its optimum level. Only a supple flexible body will be able to take on the rigorous workout that the sport of body building requires. Lifting heavy weights may cause muscle tear. By incorporating yoga into an exercise regimen body builders can greatly reduce the chances of a muscle injury, as the body is made flexible.

2. Concentration and Balance

Yoga exercises also helps in increasing concentration and balance and that is necessary if you are aiming to lift heavy weights and do your squats.

3. Improved Metabolism

Body building is all about building strengthened muscles and it requires the body to be healthy. Yoga exercises helps in improving the metabolism that helps the body to retain and assimilate important nutrients. This improves muscles strength as the metabolism is increased making the body healthy and is ultimately beneficial to building up the muscles.

4. Balanced Exercise for the Whole Body

Yoga also benefits you by toning and strengthening your entire body uniformly. This is very unlike some fitness training regimens that lead to more emphasis on particular muscle groups and their over development.

5. Toned Down Blood Flow

Yoga helps to keep the blood flow even and uniformed that might get disturbed due to rigorous bodybuilding exercises. Start your bodybuilding regime with yogic postures and end it with yoga as well to get a regulated blood flow.