Benefits of Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

There are many benefits of yoga for lower back pain. Generally, the type of yoga which is commonly practiced is hatha yoga, which comprises of a series of postures that are aimed at strengthening certain parts and muscles of the body.

Yoga is especially helpful for people who suffer from lower back pain, and therefore, has been adopted as a cost-effective solution along with other kinds of mechanical and orthopedic support systems.

How does yoga help in curing lower back pain?

  • Yoga helps in curing lower back pain in significant ways. For example, stretching of the hamstring muscles, which is very common in most of the poses that comprise hatha yoga, helps in expanding motion along the pelvic bones, and also helps in decreasing stress and pain in the lower back.
  • This is why a lot of people suffering from excruciating back pain are recommended certain basic stretching yoga postures as part of their daily routine.
  • Stretching in yoga postures helps in increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen in the blood stream and the flow of toxins out of the blood stream. Therefore, it leads to the overall well being of the muscles of the lower back and decreases pain.

Thus these are some of the major ways in which yoga helps in curing lower back pain.

Other ways in which yoga helps in reducing lower back pain:

  • Because yoga is a holistic set of practices which is aimed at improving both mind and body, posture alignment is a very important part of any kind of yoga.
  • Often we undergo lower back pain due to bad or incorrect postures while sitting, say for example, long hours at a computer. Yoga helps in correcting defective postures and thereby helps in reducing back pain to a significant degree.
  • Awareness of the body through the practices of yoga causes the muscles of the lower back to become increasingly healthy and supple.
  • Increased blood circulation, loss of weight combine to produce a beneficial effect on the muscles and tissues of the lower back. It also leads to mental relaxation which causes a sense of well being to develop anyway.
  • The more common yoga poses like suryanamaskara too can be very beneficial for the lower back.

Therefore, these are some of the other ways, more indirect than the first set of ways, in which yoga helps to reduce lower back pain.