Best Directory and Classified Plugins Available for a WordPress Website


WordPress is becoming extremely popular amidst agencies dealing with advertising and directory listing just because it is easy to access and use. You really do not have to worry to index your website or manage address books and advertisements that are classified because WordPress manages all the directories in a jiffy without much problem. You can also install any plugin you feel comfortable with and is user-friendly. With the WordPress custom plugin development, you can manage the directories and streamline according to your choice.

It becomes challenging to manage a business listing directory without a plugin. Countless plugin options are available in the market, which provides the opportunities of searching, payment, filtering or listing. It smoothens the process of entering a new listing from the side of the users as well. With much more given advantages, it is advisable to use the directories and classified plugins available. It not only eases your task in both large and small scale but enhances your website and business in varied ways.

The article will focus on the best directory and classified plugins that are available out in the market and which will be most useful to serve your purpose.

Business Directory

It is one of the most famous plugins in WordPress that is available for free. You can create a listing service that is really easy to use, and you can hire a WordPress developer to customize it with features you want, like sorting or filtering. You can use it for any kind of listing and most importantly you can earn some revenue from the listing via this plugin. Also, the integration of forms is available as you can change the image, ordering features, payment methods, and options, etc. Since it supports multiple fee plans and classified paid ads, it is undoubtedly a favorite for many. You can use the captcha code feature in case you do not want any spamming.

The key features of this plugin include enabling sorting features at easy, using captcha, payment options via different gateway services, provides the opportunity for featured listings and customization of image.

Geo Directory

It is a complete listing package which is very much essential for all your business listing requirements. You can install, activate and customize this plugin to make it solve your purpose, and it is a straightforward process. Also, you are not required to change the theme of your WordPress website because it is compatible with that as well. You will be provided with a form which is a front end one. You have the liberty to change the style or customize it in any way you want with the excellent feature that Geo directory offers known as – drag and drop from the builder. You can as well put in options like reviews from users or business inquiries from them if any. The added advantage to it is the fact that it is a multilingual platform that provides a space for multiple sites to open up or work together. If you can design the code correctly, the plugin enables maximum speed for your website.

The key features to be mentioned for this plugin are- you can create a localized listing for your business, is compatible with any of the WordPress themes, efficient, fast, light-weight, enables drag and drop from the builder along with approximately 15 widgets and widget areas for use.

Advanced classified and directory pro

It is a plugin which was built keeping in mind the flexibility and adaptability. It is a free plugin available and is compatible with WordPress, which gives you the option to put classified ads and formal listings to an unlimited category. Also, you can give your users the freedom to use an innumerable number of forms for submissions and listings. Surprisingly, it is a plugin that is compatible with different field formats like radio, texts, input boxes, checkboxes, etc. Furthermore, this plugin provides you with the options where you can create categories in detail for better sorting features and filtering criteria. Since this is an advanced kind of plugin, it has an excellent search speed and can search based on keywords or fragmented sentences on an umbrella topic. The business directory plugin can be used in a listed form or a grid form. Likewise, you can enable the option where the users can put in photos or videos according to the need of the listing, and you can restrict that when you feel the need to it.

The key features which this type of plugin brings forth are- manageable tasks at the backend feature which can be done quickly, unlimited categories can be placed in any custom field, quick, hassle-free setup of region and easy finding of locations, fast and better search system which also supports the uploading of videos, audios or photos.

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