Best Social Media apps for Every Business in 2020

Social Media apps

For a Small Business, managing Social media marketing is like a difficult task. All social media activities, Content creation, maintaining blog post, Daily Social media promotion take more time. Social media management apps will help your social media activities to the next level.

I have listed down Best Social Media apps which will help small business owners achieve their targets and will also improve their productivity.

Best Social Media apps for Every Small Business

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management app. In Sprout, you can improve your Social media existence using social media sites. You can track and update your social media sites in one place.

You can even schedule social updates to various multiple social networking sites and also find updates that your visitors read.


The semrush app is a very helpful SEO and search engine marketing app. This app helps you to find keywords that you are looking for and also find keywords on any competitor websites in which they are ranked. You can make use of those keywords in your content to get a better rank in search engines.

I believe every blogger or SEO guy should have in their SEO tool collection.


In the Buffer app, you can schedule your social post easily to Most popular social media sites. If you target at the right time with a Good quality content using this app, may give you an impressive growth. It is very useful to share any link, Ideas with others using such a kind of free and solid tool.


The swayy app helps you to find the most appealing suggested Content or content which you like to share with your readers across the social networking site. You can share or schedule your post to any social media platform you want. It can also increase your Twitter followers and engagement from content you shared.


In the BuzzSumo app, you can search content on any topic and you can also see who shared the same content. You can compare with others to see who is sharing the most powerful content and their social engagements. You can also get alerts when your competitor publishes new content on their site.

So, tell what your best tool? Use any tool but make sure that you make good use to improve your internet marketing. If you have any more tools which you have experienced kindly share it with us. Thank you. Don’t forget to share this post.