Bettors have not caught up on this Rangers trend yet

<pre><pre>Bettors have not caught up on this Rangers trend yet

One of the advantages of being an NHL weather is that the markets are slow to adapt to team trends. The New York Rangers have been playing highscoring games for weeks. They are 13: 1: 1 against relatively frozen total numbers in the last 15 games.

It's only one under in a month of hockey!

The Rangers will hit the New York Islanders again on Thursday night. There is no guarantee that this latest trend will continue (especially against the recently under-congested islands). And it will certainly not go on so extremely. The markets eventually adjust. However, it is important to note the following:

  • Hockey markets are less liquid than in other sports, which means that they get less attention from the odds makers.
  • Hockey receives much less attention in the media than other sports, which means that important team characteristics can be excluded from the betting radar for longer. Even in big cities.
  • The hockey game flow is "insured" for overwhelms due to overtime and shootings. Games cannot end in a tie as before. A game that is a 3: 3 tie at the end of the regulation goes beyond a displayed over / under of 6. In addition, more teams will score earlier if they are in the third period. This often leads to the additional attacker being rated for criminal offenses, or vice versa. The markets have tried to adapt to these realities. You may not have adapted to the teams that tend to play highscoring games anyway.

Bettors should monitor Rangers games in the near future and after the All-Star break to see if the dynamics of "Explosive Offensive / Soft Defense" continue. For other NHL teams in the region:

  • Devil: A change in management could lead to better results. New Jersey beat the hot Tampa Bay Lightning 3-1 on Sunday night after General Manager Ray Shero was fired. After a miserable start, the Devils have been much more competitive since Christmas anyway. Good litmus tests take place in Washington on Thursday and in Columbus on Saturday before the break.

For those of you who want to side and bet on tandems in the same game (not on parlays that need to be wiped but on single bets that just pop out with a split), the Devils have a very strong win / loss or loss shown / About tendency since Christmas. Consider adding an additional total bet when you're reading a Devils game safely.

  • Islander: The team has been under feed for weeks as it is among the top five defenders, but is a disappointing offensive (placed outside the top 20 in goals scored per game). You will be about 70 percent to the bottom if you throw away prints due to Thanksgiving. This includes an over vs. the Rangers, against which the islands compete on Thursday and the next Tuesday before the break. Let's see what happens Saturday against Washington and Sunday in Carolina.

In line with today's topic, we're talking about hockey team tendencies that date back to Christmas and Thanksgiving. If the markets react slowly, lace up your skates and bet cleverly!