BEWARE! Don't sell SEO as a digital marketing agency


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One of the biggest mistakes I have made was selling SEO services for low monthly retainers

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Because of this, I ended up receiving a lot of dissatisfied customers who finally fired me for providing few or no results.

This was a case of excess commitment and not having the budget available to implement the proper SEO

But in reality, if you are selling to customers with lower tickets, you may consider selling only part of the SEO service or creating a product that involves certain pieces of SEO

The term "full service SEO" usually comes with a higher price due to the intensity of developing a proper SEO campaign

What you should do is to productize your offer, add some SEO pieces and create a package around that.

The most successful agencies know the work that is required to implement the correct SEO, therefore, they create small, medium and large packages for their clients.

It is impossible to sell full-service SEO for $ 1,000, trust me, I tried and failed miserably.

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