Bigg Boss 11: Did Vikas pay the promised prize money to Arshi, Jyoti? Here's the truth

Courtesy of Instagram / Arshi Khan

Courtesy of Instagram / Arshi Khan

Courtesy of Instagram / Arshi Khan

Vikas, the man behind hit shows like & # 39; Gumrah & # 39; and & # 39; Yeh Hai Aashiqui & # 39; joined the show as a celebrity candidate and formed an alliance with actor Hiten Tejwani and citizens Arshi Khan and Jyoti Kumari.

  • Last updated: June 5, 2018, 11:53 am

Soon after Bigg boss Finalist Vikas Gupta said he would split his prize money, Rs 6 lakh, between competitors – Arshi Khan and Jyoti Kumar.

"I'll give them Rs 3 lakh each. Jyoti stood by my side like a stone when the whole house was against me. Arshi also protected me. She cared more for me as a friend than for the show," Vikas had said at the time ,

However, in a tweet on one of Bigg Boss's fan sites, it was claimed that "Vikas did not give his prize money to Arshi or Jyoti as promised and it was a fake advertising stunt from him to gain more sympathy and attention."

When asked about it, Arshi tweeted: "Ok. I said this to @TheKhbri after they repeatedly spoke to me. And yes, I don't need it. Never done. Peace ".

The reality TV star also released the screenshot of the conversation she had had with the said fansite to purify the air.

Vikas dismissed all of these claims and tweeted: "First order idiots. Jyoti received 50 percent of the prize money back in March. When Arshi was offered 50 percent, she said she didn't need it. She made a lot of money. So this part of the prize money spent on people who need it. "

In another tweet, he added, "And please stop being in the news or making news at my expense."

In the meantime, Vikas is preparing for its new web series Punchh beatthat will also mark Split Villa Heartbreaker Priyank Sharma's acting debut.