Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz Review

Blaupunkt BH 01 EQz headband Blaupunkt

Blaupunkt, known for its car audio systems and speakers, now has a fairly extensive product portfolio, including 4K televisions. Today we are here to test the company's affordable Bluetooth headphones called BH-01 EQz. The main feature is the EQz button on the headphones, which promises to boost the bass. With a street price of around Rs. 1499, can these headphones deliver good audio quality worth recommending? Let's find out.

Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz design and specifications

The Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz headphones are well packaged and come with a micro USB cable and a 3.5 mm additional cable, so that this device can be used as a wired headset. Unfortunately there is no bag or cloth bag for storage. The BH-01 EQz is only available in one color, namely black. It is light, weighs only 181 g and is made of ABS plastic. The matte finish doesn't look too high quality and the feel of the plastics isn't that good either, but you get what you pay for.

The ear cups can be folded inwards, making the device relatively easy to store. They are attached to metal clips that can slide up and down depending on the size of your head. Unfortunately, the ear cups have a very small angle of inclination and cannot be rotated at all, which made the fit uncomfortable for us. Since we put on these headphones, we have been trying to adjust the ear cups since it is difficult to find a comfortable fit. In addition, these headphones quickly become uncomfortable due to the somewhat strong clamping force.

Blaupunkt BH 01 EQz headband BlaupunktThe headband of the Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz is as softly padded as the ear cups

The ear pads are soft and sit on your ears rather than around them. The artificial leather texture made our ears sweat after a while, especially in warmer climates. The headband feels robust and is covered with the same material as the ear pads. The right auricle has almost all controls. There are two volume buttons and a play / pause button, which is also the power button. After that there is the LED display, the microphone and the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The EQz button is on the other side and is intended to raise the bass frequency range. Finally, we have the charging port on the left ear cup.

The BH-01 EQz has a 40 mm driver in each ear cup, but Blaupunkt does not indicate the frequency range of these drivers anywhere. The headphones use Bluetooth 5 and can be paired with two devices at the same time. The 300 mAh battery is said to offer about 15 hours of playtime with one charge. After all, these headphones only support the standard SBC streaming codec.

Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz performance and battery life

We tested the Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz with an Apple iPhone XR (test), a Samsung Galaxy S10 + (test) and a MacBook Air as the source device. In conjunction with Bluetooth, the BH-01 EQz doesn't have a very high maximum volume, and we had to set it to around 90 percent or even full volume most of the time to enjoy our music. If you listen at a low volume, you need to be prepared to hear a lot of ambient noise as these ear cups don't do much to isolate the sound. Even wind noise is a problem when traveling. Fortunately, the headphones sound much louder when wired, and we felt comfortable at around 60 percent volume.

The controls are easy to reach and can only be identified by touching them because the play / pause button is higher than the volume buttons. Pressing the volume up or volume down button skips the track or changes to the previous track. The Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz issues voice instructions that inform you when a device is switched on, connected or disconnected.

Blaupunkt BH 01 EQz buttons blaupunktThe buttons on the Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz are easy to reach and use

Unfortunately, there is no prompt to tell you when EQz mode is on or off, which we would have liked because it is difficult to tell a difference in audio quality. There is a slight improvement in the knocking of bass notes, and the lower middle part becomes a little more expansive, but you really have to be careful to notice this.

When it comes to audio quality, the Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz sounds okay for what it costs. Sound staging is decent, the vocals are loud and the bass has a subtle but present punch. The bass sounds better with a cable connection. Zomboys Nuclear, a fairly complex track with lots of instruments, was handled fairly well. We didn't notice any distortion at very high volumes and the bass was pretty punchy for on-ear headphones. The highs were slightly suppressed, and we missed some of the glitz and pop that this track has in the highs.

When listening to Stan Kolev's Troubled (Croatia Squad Remix), the BH-01 EQz was simply unable to provide the track's power and drive when connected via Bluetooth, even when the volume was at its maximum. However, the same track sounded much better when using a wired connection to the headphones. The bass was tighter and we saw a little better clarity in the middle. Overall, the dynamics have also improved. In vocal-guided pieces like Someone Like You by Adele, the vocals can overwhelm the background instruments and jarr a little.

We also tested these headphones with videos and had no problems with audio-video synchronization via Bluetooth. The quality of voice calls is not particularly good, but this device is acceptable. The battery is designed for an average of 15 hours, and in our experience we easily managed to exceed this value. With a volume of 90 percent and a connection to a Galaxy Note 10+, we managed to extend the full charge for 19 hours and 3 minutes of continuous playback, which is very good.

Blaupunkt BH 01 EQz Blaupunkt foldedThe Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz can be folded up for better storage


The Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz can be found online for Rs. 1,499, and the world cannot be expected for this kind of money. We like the fact that the sound is clean and distortion-free even at full volume, that there is an acceptable amount of bass, and that the sound reproduction is decent. The treble lacks a bit of shine and they often feel a bit soft, which upset the sound a bit. The quality suffers from the use of Bluetooth, the fit quickly becomes uncomfortable and the ear cups cannot be turned. Therefore, it is inconvenient to wear this device around your neck when not in use.

On the other hand, the battery life is very good. This headset doesn't weigh much either and you can make two active connections at the same time. Remember that the Blaupunkt BH-01 EQz sounds much better with a cable connection. If you're looking for good Bluetooth audio performance in this price range, the Ant Audio Treble 900 offers better value for money.

Price (MOP): 1,499


  • light
  • Can connect to two source devices at the same time
  • Decent bass
  • Good battery life


  • Slightly suppressed highs
  • The Bluetooth volume is not high enough
  • Vocals can be overwhelming
  • Uncomfortable fit
  • The sound quality decreases when using Bluetooth

Reviews (of 5)

  • Design / comfort: 2.5
  • Audio quality: 2
  • Battery life: 3.5
  • Value for money: 3
  • Overall: 2.5
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