Blog errors: 10 things you should not do when starting a blog


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In this video, we will review the 10 most important blog mistakes people make when starting a blog

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1. DO NOT start in a niche that you are not passionate about.

2. DO NOT spend days perfecting your name and mission statement.

3. DO NOT start on a free blog site.

4. DO NOT buy a bad host.

5. DO NOT buy crazy software all expensive and all inclusive.

6. DO NOT forget to invest in yourself and your business.

7. DO NOT mix business expenses with personal expenses on your credit card.

8. DO NOT forget to keep diligent records of expenses and income.

9. DO NOT ignore the power of Pinterest for bloggers.


11. DO NOT postpone the start of a blog anymore!

Many of you have been discussing starting a blog for a while and have not made any real moves.

The time is now. There will not be a perfect moment, idea, moment or day for you to begin.

The sooner you give up those thoughts and DECIDE to make movements and create wonders, the faster you will get success.

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