Blog tutorial for beginners 2019 [Made Easy]


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Before the term blog existed, content pages on websites were known as "web logs," which is something like a magazine where recent posts appear first followed by previous ones in chronological order.

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1) Select the hosting provider: 01:35
2) Choose the domain name: 02:38
3) Install WordPress: 05:04
4) Add topic: 08:20
5) Add content: 09:15

With the advent of the Internet and digital devices, most people began to realize the importance of blogs in the 90s, and today it has become one of the most popular trends in the world.

Blog tutorial for beginners 2020 Guide

Specialized bloggers make use of these content platforms to present specific information to their target audience. In fact, blogging has a long way to go. If you are looking for some interesting facts about how to start a blog; I prefer to follow the blog tutorial below.

Start with Blogging:

Before learning the steps to create an online blog, it is important to understand why you want to create one. There are many reasons to start a blog, and the most successful are derived from passion. To begin with the blog tutorial, it is first important to identify the niche that will be presented through it.

If you want to create a blog for your business, you can have several themes to share related to your brand and niche. But if writing is your hobby and you want to present the best content to the world, it is first important to choose the theme of your blog.

Instead of focusing on a wide range of topics, it is important to dedicate your topic to certain specific content in this tutorial for beginners 2020 guidebook so that you can serve a range of target readers in the market. Once you're ready with the idea of ​​the blog, it's time to follow the steps below.

Register your domain:

The first thing a blogger should do is buy a domain name online. You can get assistance from the main domain name registrars in the market. Keep in mind that the domain name works as the identity of your blog, so try to create a good one.


Do not choose brand names and prefer to get the .com or .net extension to ensure the best result.

Choose a hosting service provider:

GoDaddy offers a wide range of hosting packages; You can choose the shared, dedicated and VPS hosting service according to your need. In general, beginners are advised to continue with the shared web hosting package, as it offers satisfactory services at a lower cost. To buy your web hosting package, you can visit the official website of the service provider, check the available packages and make the most reliable payment. Note that many hosting service providers like GoDaddy also offer free domain names with hosting packages.

Blog tutorial for beginners 2020

Install WordPress to blog:

Experts recommend WordPress as the best option for blog design due to its wide range of advanced features and tools. In addition, you can access the WordPress hosting managed by GoDaddy to get instant access to your WordPress platform. The one-click WordPress installation service guarantees easy access to the system. Once the installation is complete, users must log in, they will soon be directed to the back-end of the website's blog.

Start designing:

Once your WordPress terminal is ready; You can choose the desired theme or background for your blog according to the niche you plan to cover. WordPress is loaded with a wide range of themes and add-ons that can help users easily customize blogs. In case you don't like the free collection, it is also possible to buy the desired one online at a reasonable price. Prices vary for each add-on, but all are labeled.

Update your content:

As soon as your blog is ready and active online; You can add your first publication to capture the attention of the public in the market. He prefers to use the right set of keywords to make his posts more creative and relevant. Once your content begins to capture the attention of the online audience, you can design a path to success. If you enjoyed the blog tutorial for the 2020 beginners guide, don't forget that you like the video.

With these simple tips and tactics; Now you can start blogging at any time from any corner of the world. Make efforts to impress your audience with shocking content, relevant images and videos as well. Blogs are also useful for beginners and experienced professionals. You can continue to provide passive income if you are consistent enough and answer the right questions in the correct content of your site.

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