"Boar Man" Yoenis Cespedes needs a bat to speak


PORT ST. LUCIE – Yo, no more games since July 20, 2018. And that was his only game in July.

Also no big conversation, no quotes "Not today, not tomorrow, not at all this year," said Yoenis Cespedes on Monday, as a reporter addressed before his first training with the team in the new Mets spring training clubhouse in the Cespedes has first-class real estate, essentially a double locker.

No problem.

Cespedes must let his bat speak more than ever.

Sure, it would have been interesting to get Cespedes' glimpse of what happened to wild boars in the incident when he suffered multiple fractures in the right ankle at his ranch, not the Mets, last May, but maybe he will enlighten us in his next Roc Nation "Rocky" video.

Hits, not quotes, are required by Cespedes.

Maybe this boar incident is better left to the imagination anyway.

On Monday, Cespedes went out of its way to get in touch with the fans and even signed some autographs before a live BP session against Michael Wacha. He followed with some impressive moon shots in standard BP against coach Ricky Bones.

An excited boy ran back to his father after signing his baseball from Cespedes and exclaimed, "I have Boar Man!"

Yoenis Cespedes Mets Spring Training 2020
Yoenis CespedesAnthony J Causi

If Boar Man produces on a large scale, the Mets will be in great shape in the tough NL East. They have the starting rotation and seem to have a stronger bullpen. You need Cespedes' bat in the middle of this lineup.

The 34-year-old Cespedes clearly has a chip on his shoulder and uses all of this as motivation. Whatever works. Mets fans want Cespedes' bat to get loud again, as do teammates.

"He's a missing piece for us," Amed Rosario told The Post. "When he's out there, he gives us more confidence."

Cespedes was 0 for 2019, no bats, and has only played 119 games with 26 home runs and an average of 0.282 in the last three seasons. Who knows if his legs can stand cutting the left field? Cespedes has shown that he will not suffer any injuries sprinting on basic paths.

The Mets have Cespedes exactly where they need it. They have to act to get their money, much like 2015 when he was playing for a new contract, and were the best Ces the Mets could hope for after coming across Detroit and Detroit in this business as The Team went to the World Series, he had an OPS of 0.942 in his 57 games as Met.

Cespedes signed a $ 110 million four-year deal after the 2016 season when he signed off of the $ 75 million three-year deal he signed after the 2015 season.

Cespedes received $ 22.8 million from what was supposed to be $ 29 million last season. For 2020, the guaranteed portion of his contract has been reduced from $ 29.5 million to $ 6 million. His salary will rise to $ 11 million if Cespedes draws up the opening roster – or if he is on the list of injured at the time because of an illness that does not affect his feet or ankles – and will be prorated at that level if he joins the team after the season opener. Record awards could add another $ 9 million to Cespedes' income.

Cespedes has earned around $ 138 million in his career. He knows how to get paid. He has to find a way to stay on the field at an advanced age.

Luis Rojas said he was happy with the progress Cespedes is making.

"He looked good while running," said Rojas. "He can do field exercises now. It's a big day for him, the first day in the squad. When he returned when he saw Wacha, he looked really good, almost as if he hadn't hit a pitcher missed. He hit a shot that went bad. "

Cespedes lost his bat in one fell swoop.

"He claims it's been two years since he saw jugs, but he was on time," said Rojas. "It is not easy. He is glad that he joins the boys and the team."

Cespedes was not happy to talk about it.

Yo it works.