Bob Arum: Donald Trump is welcome to participate in Wilder Fury

<pre><pre>Bob Arum: Donald Trump is welcome to participate in Wilder Fury

LAS VEGAS – Promoter Democrat Bob Arum, a staunch Democrat, said on Wednesday he would welcome President Trump, who will be present at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday night during the rematch of the heavyweight championship between WBC belt holder Deontay Wilder and direct champion Tyson Fury would. President Trump will be in town for a rally on Friday, and there is speculation that he could stay for the pay-per-view struggle.

"If Trump came to fight, he would be the President of the United States and he would be greeted," said Arum. "I don't know where we would put all of his security guards and so on. I expect the Commission would make room for him to finally get a good place for a fight."

Arum took the time to vote at the Nevada Caucus this week, revealing that he voted for Joe Biden and liked Michael Bloomberg. He also said he likes "the woman," Amy Klobuchar. Though not the biggest Trump fan, Arum would welcome the attention that the President's presence would bring.

"If the President of the United States, whoever he is and whoever you feel for him, wants to come to an event you are promoting, that's pretty good," said Arum. “He may not be in my party, but look how many pay-per-views we can still sell because the president was there. He has a huge following. "

Arum calls the Saturday night fight between Wilder and Fury "the biggest heavyweight fight since Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier in March 1971. It has drawn the attention of the country and the world," he said.

Although it is questionable whether this fight is comparable, a warm promotion during the final press conference on Wednesday took on a more controversial tone. Wilder and Fury exchanged bumps and talked a lot about trash during the session. Arum was not surprised that it was hot.

"My experience is that fighters can be nice to each other in big fights, and when the battle gets closer, hostility comes to light," said Arum. "Even if they don't feel the hostility as a person, it is the hostility as an enemy that comes out."