Bob Costas, TV manager, praises MLB playoff plan

<pre><pre>Bob Costas, TV manager, praises MLB playoff plan

The new proposal for the MLB playoffs is likely to happen because top TV managers love the idea of ​​having more dramatic, more highly rated prime time elimination games.

Post-contacted TV managers and baseball officials supported the new ideas broadly and believed that the plan could lead to more lucrative contracts with the upcoming ESPN and TBS MLB packages.

In addition, none other than Bob Costas, representing the network and the league, supported the plan to increase the number of playoff teams and make the playoffs more exciting.

"Something like this will happen," Costas told the post. "Generally I am in favor of it. I find the concept behind it appealing. I find the TV aspect appealing. The more meaningful post-season games you have, the better. I can do all of this well."

The proposal, the content of which Joel Sherman of The Post reported before MLB could even share it with the Players Association, appealed to many executives, but only the idea of ​​increasing the number of elimination games.

During the World Series, Game 7 is typically 60 percent better than Game 1-6.

Although Fox will own World Series and playoff rights by 2028, ESPN / ABC is expected to make a big push with CBS, possibly NBC and platforms like DAZN, which are at least expected to have conversations.

For TV purposes, the proposed plan would have six series in the opening round between the national and American leagues and the potential for 12 elimination games.

In the current format, there are only two elimination games from each league's wildcard games.

After the first three games of the new proposal, the playoffs in each league would fall back on the same two best-of-five division series, followed by the best-of-seven championships and the world series.

"This may be the first draft," said Costas, who works for MLB Network. "But that doesn't mean we can't fine-tune it and hear from different credible areas before we agree on a final format."

Costas finally imagined that MLB would build two expansion teams with a total of 32 clubs in four divisions, each with eight teams.

In this scenario, he considered it advisable to have two division winners in each league who would say goodbye with the four wild cards in the best-of-three series.

In contrast to the new formats, this would mean a total of 12 playoff teams. 14. The current tournament qualifies 10 teams.

A new plan will only be implemented in the 2022 season, when the new TV deals begin.

In the current proposal, Costas said he liked the idea that the top teams would choose who they would compete against.

"I like the part where you choose an opponent because it's not just about which team was the weakest," said Costas. “What if one of these teams literally had to go to the last day of the season and use all of their pitching staff to secure their place. Or, since you have all the games in your park, you might want to look at the line-up of the opponents. Does our park work for or against one of these teams? Or maybe our own line-up is left-handed and one of these teams, although their record is not so good, has a left-hand rotation that worries us a little. "