Bobby Portis won't stop knicks to join the title contender

<pre><pre>Bobby Portis won't stop knicks to join the title contender

DETROIT – Late Saturday night Knicks' great man, Bobby Portis, was sitting on his locker, his right hand badly slapped over the pistons when the Knicks won on Saturday night – their fourth triumph in a row.

It was a painful season for Portis, who expected to continue his career year last season. Still, there are some nights when he's a legitimate force on the glass and out of the 3-point range. As a result, the 6-foot 10-Ex-Bull became interested at the close of trade.

While nothing came of it due to his hefty one-year contract ($ 15 million), speculation focused on whether he wanted a buyout for a contender.

No chance. The native Little Rock, Ark. Is more likely to avoid sweet tea for the unsweetened variety. Portis turns 25 on Monday and says he still has enough time to win a title.

"I'm 24 years old," said Portis in Detroit. "I'm not doing a buyout. I'm going to make as much money as possible for my family. (I am) 24. I don't even think of a buyout at 24. I will probably set a record as the first one to buyout at 24 It’s just not even in the equation. "

Ironically, Portis was sitting next to Wayne Ellington, an experienced shooter who is 32 years old and who said before the win that he had "to make a decision" about whether to buy out. Ellington celebrated his second hot shooting night in a row and lost 17 points in the Knicks comeback win between 95 and 92

But Portis likes the dynamic of the team (there are five games from start number 8) and he doesn't leave the team as quickly.

"I'm 24 years old," he repeated. “I need as much money as possible for my family, my mother, my brothers. I haven't even thought about it. I don't know who figured it out. People think I'm older than me. I am also a young player. "

Portis started the season in a fight when he came off the bench and shot incorrectly.

But Portis had his moments last month by increasing his 3-point percentage to 34.9 and averaging 9.4. He is one of their legitimate 3-point threats. And its robustness helped make the Knicks one of the best rebound teams in the NBA. He recovers in 21 minutes with an average of 5.2

"I don't like giving up on things," said Portis. "I'm from the south. When you start something, you end it. That is my slogan for my whole life. You ride through ups and downs. You cannot do without something that you have registered for. I am ready for the test. "

Knicks 'dismissal of President Steve Mills last week and delivery of Marcus Morris' top weapon to the Clippers for future assets, including a first choice, sent a message that refueling / reconstruction is imminent. However, the knicks have been 2-0 since trading with Morris started in Atlanta on Sunday.

"Not really," said Portis when asked if the Morris team was going to miss a lot. “In the past two years I have had an average of 13 (points) and 14 (points). We have goal scorers who can hit the ball, but we want to share basketball and be there [a] Team. In the last four games, we didn't care who the top scorer was. We just wanted to win the game. In my opinion, our team is on the right track. "