Body oils to gift for Mother’s Day 2020 — or try during quarantine


Now that every self-respecting beauty buff has incorporated super-luxurious facial oil into their daily quarantine routine, it’s time to lavish a little love for the skin from the neck down. The best body oils of 2020 are great Mother’s Day gifts and let’s be honest we introduce ourselves.

Powered by rare plant extracts and scented with exotic essential oils, our new favorite offerings hydrate parched limbs while providing a mood-lifting escape.

Eladi Cup Ayurveda Body Oil, seasoned with ingredients like crushed pearls that lighten skin and Snow Lotus enriched with vitamins from India, comes with its own Mala meditation bead bracelet and mantra book.

“We encourage using it as part of a sacred ritual,” says Divya Viswanathan, cofounder of Taza Ayurveda. “Lighting candles, soaping in oil, and relaxing the mind can be incredibly therapeutic after a long day.”

The Brooklyn-based Highborn brand also offers a range of aromatic body oils. Available with and without CBD, they were designed to be emollients without an oily finish. “We are fans of both mixes,” says founder and formulator Lauren Gannes. “It has really elevated the mundane from day to day to a ritual, something like we expected.”

Fresh and cultured, the oils are offered in three aromas: “Salomé”, with notes of rose otto and tulsi; “Moon Saber”, mixed with blue tansy and neroli; and “Défumé”, reminiscent of wild fashion sandalwood and palo santo.

For cannabis super power Lord Jones, skipping cannabidiol is not an option. The brand’s High CBD Body Oil is fed 100mg of CBD oil derived from broad spectrum hemp, along with avocado, safflower, and jojoba oils to soothe the skin. Packaged in a handy rollerball bottle, it can be massaged into pressure points and temples to help relieve stress.

Inspired by a trip to Sicily and his own Italian-American roots, former ballet dancer-turned-beautician Jordan Samuel Pacitti crafted his Olio Per Il Corpo body oil with nourishing nutrients from the Mediterranean, such as olive oils and grape seeds, extracts of rosemary and tomato leaves and citrus notes of lemon, lime and tangerine.

“We’re giving you, like, the Old World, the vibes of Italian wine labels,” says Pacitti, holding a sleek bottle of Jordan Samuel Skin on screen, in a hilarious martini-filled YouTube video he recorded to launch the product. “Everything with the Italian lifestyle is that less is more. These are very high-quality ingredients, but perhaps fewer of them. ”

Although the equally minimalist Berlin Skin is made in the USA. In the USA, she was also inspired by European roots, this time a German grandmother. The brand’s Black Spruce Body Oil is scented with a blend of incense, black spruce and blue tansy; It is said to provide vitamin E and antioxidants to the skin through grapeseed and jojoba oils, and a feeling of calm courtesy of rosewood essential oil.

With equal parts of skin moisturizers and aromatherapy experiences, this new crop of botanical-fueled luxury body oils is the perfect gift for any stressed-out mother who needs a temporary escape from coronavirus angst.

“We need to show our bodies a little more love,” says Viswanathan of Taza Ayurveda. “Especially during disturbing times.”

Eladi Mug Body Oil Ayurveda, $ 90
Ayurveda Mug

Eladi Body Oil, $ 90 in Ayurveda Mug

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Défumé Highborn Aromatic Body Oil

Défumé Aromatic Body Oil, $ 42 in Highborn

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Highborn Moon Saber Body Oil

Moon Saber Aromatic Body Oi, $ 42 in Highborn

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Lord Jones Body Oil
Lord Jones

High CBD body oil, $ 65 a Lord Jones

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 Kjaer Weis Body Oil, $ 125
Kjaer Weis

Body oil, $ 125 in Kjaer Weis

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Jordan Samuel body oil
Jordan Samuel

Skin Olio Per Il Corpo Body Oil, $ 32 in Jordan Samuel

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Berlin Skin Body Oil
Berlin fur

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Bella Skin body oil
Beautiful skin

Beauty body oil, $ 72 in Beautiful skin

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Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Oil

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