Boot Bassheads 950 review

Boat Bassheads 950 Headphones-Earphones Boat Basshead 950 Review

The accessories manufacturer Boat has launched products at a steady pace and has turned to various price ranges. In the past, we tested the inexpensive Boat Bassheads 225 headphones and the Boat Rockerz 400 wireless headset. The company has now launched the Boat Bassheads 950, a wired over-the-ear headphone for Rs. 1,299. Is it worth the price it is asking for or should you choose an alternative? We check it out to find out.

Boot Bassheads 950 design and specifications

If you take the Boat Bassheads 950 out of the box, you might mistake it for a wireless Bluetooth headphone because there are no cables connected to the main case. The headphones are made of plastic, but the metallic surface gives this device a first-class look. The earcups on these headphones can be turned inwards so that the Bassheads 950 can be easily folded up and stored.

We found the headset to be light and the padded headband makes it comfortable to wear. You can adjust the headband to the length. We found the clamping force to be average. Both ear cups have 2.5 mm sockets for the audio cable included. The audio cable has a Y-splitter with microphone and multifunction button on the left. This gives users the ability to replace the cable with a new one if it gets damaged. Boat offers Rexine ear pads that are comfortable to wear. However, this will make your ears feel warm after long use of the headset

Boat Bassheads 950 Headphones-Earphones Boat Basshead 950 Review

The Boat Bassheads 950 has a plastic body

The Boat Bassheads 950 are equipped with 40mm drivers in each ear cup, but the company has not released the frequency range and impedance. The company could also have included a bag to store these headphones.

Boat Bassheads 950 performance

We tested the Boat Bassheads 950 with a MacBook Air and a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which still has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. We used JioSaavn and YouTube to stream music and played some of our high resolution FLAC files.

The Boat Bassheads 950 has a bass-heavy Sonic signature with only a slight spike in the heights. We are not surprised because the company proudly advertises it on behalf of the product. At lower volumes, we noticed that the other frequencies tend to be overdriven. At higher volumes, however, the mids were somewhat better. If you prefer a booming bass, the Bassheads 950 delivers on this front, but we found the overall audio quality to be mushy. In a few tracks that are bass heavy, we could feel a tingling in the ears.

Boat Bassheads 950 headphone jacks Boat Bassheads 950 Review

The audio cable is removable so you can easily store these headphones

The sound produced by these headphones did not distort when played back on a laptop or smartphone at higher volumes. The cable noise is low, and we found that stereo separation is good for the price. Sound imaging could have been better since it is not easy to focus on a single instrument in a song. When you hear high-resolution audio, these headphones sound a little better.

We took a few calls on the Boat Bassheads 950 and our callers had no problem hearing us, but the audio quality was strictly average. When watching videos we wished the mids were a bit more dominant as we sometimes had difficulty hearing the dialogue. We also played PUBG Mobile with these headphones and had no problems.

We noticed that the Bassheads 950 can get quite loud and the on-ear design leads to leaks at higher volumes.


In a highly competitive market, the Boat Bassheads 950 feel overpriced for what they offer. It faces serious competition from products like the Boat Rockerz 400, which offers Bluetooth functionality for a light premium. If you prefer in-ear headphones, the Boat Rockerz 225 and the Boult Audio ProBass Curve are a good alternative.


  • Light and convenient
  • Removable cable


  • Suppressed mids
  • Muddy audio output
  • Strictly average build quality

Reviews (of 5)

  • Design: 2
  • Audio quality: 2
  • VFM: 2
  • Overall: 2.5