Bradley Beal's fiancé takes on the NBA after all star nudges

<pre><pre>Bradley Beal's fiancé takes on the NBA after all star nudges

Bradley Beal didn't take his All-Star fall well, nor did his new fiancé.

Kamiah Adams attended the Wizards postgame show and scolded the NBA's all-star selection system.

"It's politics and it's a joke. The NBA is getting ridiculous in my opinion." Adams said according to The Athletic.

The All-Star reserves were announced on Thursday when the 76s Ben Simmons and Raptors Kyle Lowry got the Eastern Conference reserves, as decided by the league coaches. Beal, who averages 28.7 points per game, along with 4.5 rebounds and 6.4. Assists said he was "a little pissed" at the "disrespectful" decision after leading the Wizards to a 121-107 victory over the Hornets.

"It's a popularity contest. It's about who has the most followers on Instagram, who has the most likes, and it's a joke for me because I can't name five people who have been selected for reserves in the East or West and Bradley outdo now, ”said Adams, who got engaged to 26-year-old Beal last week.

The NBA All-Star starters are decided by a fan vote, a media vote and a player vote. Beal finished second in the poll among his teammates, only behind Walker, but remained behind in the fan and media poll. Adams was specifically asked about the Hawks & # 39; Trae Young, who is a starter in the game and gets a seat.

"It's a joke for me. Don't lose your game … He plays cherry picking basketball," said Adams.

Beal has been an all-star for the past two seasons, and the wizards are between 16 and 31 this season.