Brady Quinn sees only one landing site after Patriot Tom Brady

<pre><pre>Brady Quinn sees only one landing site after Patriot Tom Brady

SiriusXM presenter and former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn talks to Justin Terranova from the Post about boy band run-ins, his big problem with Jimmy Garoppolo, a myth by Patrick Mahomes and a landing site by Tom Brady.

Q: What is your most interesting experience at Radio Row?

A: Last year I had to go from CBS headquarters to SiriusXM setups and there was a huge crowd in the middle. I keep my head down and try to cut through people. There was a smaller gentleman, I literally picked him up and moved him. And I said, "Sorry, I have to go to the radio." And it was one of the Backstreet Boys. It made sense because so many people were taking pictures.

Q: What is the excitement for this matchup?

A: You have two new teams with you. It is not your typical AFC team [Tom] Brady, [Ben] Roethlisberger or [Peyton] Manning. You have Patrick Mahomes and it feels like the moment of changing the guard. The NFC are a team that has had a 4-12 season and there is this dominant defense. Jimmy Garoppolo plays at certain points when necessary. This matchup has a certain freshness.

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Q: What have you seen from Garoppolo's growth this season?

A: First, he's tagged as this game manager because of the small sample size from the postseason, but he threw 30 passes in regular time (season). You go back and watch where he beat New Orleans and Drew Brees in a shootout. He let the clutch play in this game. He is very capable of doing the things he has to do. The biggest area in which to grow is to reduce errors. If you put pressure on him and it is early, he will – I hate the term "happy feet" – but you will feel that he is tense and forcing things. It is such a stark contrast to Mahomes.

Q: How different will it be for Mahomes to face a 49er defense that puts pressure on him?

A: It doesn't just put pressure on you, it kills you. The following: If you pull it out of your pocket, it only becomes more special. So you can't just say "put pressure" – they have to get punched on him. You have to let him play for many seconds and tens.

Q: If Brady leaves New England, where could he go?

A: The last time we saw anything like this was when Peyton Manning went to the Broncos. Much of what contributed to this decision – they had a solid cast with a running game, good wide-angle receivers, and really good defense. The only team that makes sense from this perspective are the chargers.

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