Brett Favre: How Mike McCarthy would improve Daniel Jones



Mike McCarthy is best known for his work, which has made Aaron Rodgers a superstar quarterback. Before Rodgers, however, there was Brett Favre. McCarthy wasn't on the ground floor with Favre, but he did play a role that the Hall of Famer remembers as beneficial and enjoyable.

This is worth considering for the Giants who interviewed McCarthy on Friday and have a young quarterback, Daniel Jones, waiting for the successor to the dismissed Pat Shurmur. McCarthy was Favre's quarterback coach for one season in Green Bay and returned in 2006 as Packers' head coach with Favre.

"I think he'll do a great job," Favre said on SiriusXM NFL radio on Friday. "I had him in 1999 and that was basically the middle of my career and after that year he was gone, but then he obviously came back as head coach. And really a smart head. Good for a quarterback. I think every young quarterback would like him.

"And it's very understandable, much like Brian Daboll at Buffalo and Darrell Bevell [Lions]Boys who are training have a very good relationship with the boys. And I think that's important in addition to his X-and-O mentality. Obviously he had Aaron Rodgers, and that certainly helps. But I think he comes with a degree of tenacity, but also the confidence that you, as a player, as a quarterback for him, are confident in the games he calls, that he calls games that are more about your skills than maybe an earlier guy he had. I think he is a simple, yet trust-building and technology-driven trainer. It will suit each of these teams. "

McCarthy met with the Browns on Thursday for their head coaching position. In Cleveland, McCarthy Baker would inherit Mayfield. If McCarthy has a choice between the Giants or Browns, it can be which quarterback, Jones or Mayfield he prefers.