Brett Gardner files injunction against obsessed fan


Yankees bat Brett Gardner has reportedly asked a Bronx judge to keep a crazy fan – who calls himself the baseball player's "future wife" – away from him and his family.

A Gardner lawyer filed an order to protect Gina Devasahayam before the Bronx Civil Court last week, according to, which reported on Monday that the Yankees wanted them to be banned from all MLB stadiums.

46-year-old Devasahayam, who says she was the founder of an anti-aging biotechnology company, sued Gardner, the Yankees, and the MLB last year after being booted out of Yankee during a playoff game in October.

"I ask the court to grant me access to the stadium in accordance with the MLB Fan Policy and also according to the" Significant Other "of MLB player Brett Gardner," Devasahayam wrote in the lawsuit, the news agency said. "I am a Yankees fan and also the future wife of Brett Gardner."

The Yankees tried to dismiss the lawsuit.

Before Devasahayam was turned away from Yankee Stadium, she tried to sneak into the visitor's clubhouse at Oriole Park in Camden Yards in August to see Gardner, but was then booted from the stadium.

Though Devasahayam and Gardner, 36, never met, she said in her lawsuit that the outfielder indicated that he was interested in her.

Devasahayam says in a suit that a video of Gardner in the dugout shows that "he is walking his hips on the stairs as if he is having sex with me," said.

She also claimed that Gardner made a "sad face" at home games when she was not around, and that after "3 years of online romance" she went to play "because I see that Brett wants it".

Gina Devasahayam
Gina DevasahayamTwitter

A Twitter account for Devasahayam is full of references to Gardner.

At Valentine's Day, she tweeted: "Happy Valentine's Day, mi amor Gardy @Yankees."

"Congratulations Gardy on your renewed contract with @Yankees. I look forward to seeing you soon!" on Tweet from December read.

On October tweet says, "I've never seen you angry with me, Gardy. I'll say you play my husband's role. It's my first right, my second right is to let me into the stadium."

During an interview with Devasahayam, a reporter from pointed out that Gardner is married to Jessica Clendenin.

"It doesn't matter," Devasahayam told the news agency.

Devasahayam told that the league paints her as a "crazy, sprawling woman at large" and argues that she "is a threat to order and security".

But she insists that Gardner wants to have her with him, despite filing a protective order and the Yankees trying to banish her from the stadiums.

"You know, when he plays, he signals," Devasahayam told the news agency. "Above all, they have their own signals for the pitch type and all that. … And then there is something that is romantically and sexually called a signal for me. That's how our relationship developed because he started signaling me sexually. "

The Yankees did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Post Monday.