Brooks Koepka unloads Patrick Reed compared to Astros' scam

<pre><pre>Brooks Koepka unloads Patrick Reed compared to Astros' scam

The Astros are not the only ones called by their competition for fraud.

Patrick Reed was accused of doing the same in December after moving sand with his club to improve his lie in a bunker at the 2019 Hero World Challenge. Reed did not report the violation himself, but later received a two-stroke sentence.

While the baseball world is tearing the Astros apart for their illegal sign-stealing program, Brooks Koepka has become one of the bigger names to speak to Reed this week. He agreed that he had cheated – and compared him to the Astros while he was there.

"I mean, I don't know what he did to build sand castles in the sand," Koepka told SiriusXM on Monday. "You know where your club is. I have taken three months off and I can promise you that I know if I have touched sand. … it's one of those things where you know. If you watch the video, it obviously strips the sand twice and then still chops it off.

"I think the Astros are going through this. [Owner] Jim Crane said it when asked, "Is it cheating?" And he said, "No, we just broke the rules." … when you play the game you understand the rules. You understand the integrity that goes on. I mean, there's no room for that. "

Like Crane, Reed shrugged and insisted, "I didn't feel it affected my lie." Crane said Thursday that he believed the Astros theft "had no impact on the game." When asked if the Astros had cheated, Crane said, “We broke the rules. You can put it the way you want. "