BSNL employees are planning a hunger strike on February 24th


New Delhi: All unions and associations of the BSNL (AUAB) decided to organize a nationwide hunger strike on February 24 to implement cabinet decisions to revive Bharat Sanchar Nigam early.

According to a statement by AUAB on Saturday, the strike will also put pressure on the quick resolution of workers' complaints.

Last year, the cabinet approved a reanimation package of 69,000 rupees for BSNL and MTNL. Outstanding features of the package included the allocation of the 4G spectrum, the issuance of a government guarantee for the procurement of 15,000 rupees (8,500 rupees for BSNL and 6,500 rupees for MTNL) through long-term bonds, monetization of assets and the introduction of a voluntary pension system ,

Only the VRS was implemented and 78,569 BSNL employees were sent home. No 4G spectrum was assigned to the BSNL. The state guarantee is also expected. The process of monetizing BSNL's assets is also progressing slowly, according to the statement.

The recent Supreme Court ruling on EGR calculation has created uncertainties in the telecommunications sector that made banks unwilling to lend to BSNL, AUAB said.

Due to the delay in the allocation of the 4G spectrum and the unavailability of funds, it is unlikely that BSNL will introduce 4G services by the end of 2020. This is a pretty grim situation for the employees.