Caris LeVert forces nets into the fascinating Kyrie Irving spot


INDIANAPOLIS – Caris LeVert can say exactly how important it is whether he starts or leaves the bank, but his fervent performance since returning to the starting grid three games ago means that it is very important.

It is said that it will be difficult to send him back to the bank, even if Kyrie Irving's return overflows the Nets back yard.

"[LeVert’s] one of the best players in the league. He's our third star, one of the league's best iso players, ”said Spencer Dinwiddie, who put himself back on the bench to make room for LeVert on Irving's return.

It's hard to imagine that LeVert won't start with the tear he's carrying.

LeVert has put together the best three-game spread of his career with an average of 29.7 points and 6.3 templates. He shot 11 out of 16 points from the depth and 18 out of 18 points from the free throw line.

"I said it when he wasn't playing well that he was going to find his rhythm again. He understood his rhythm and he made the game consistently," said coach Kenny Atkinson. "This is the all-star Caris that we started with last year and then in the playoffs. Great to see, great news for the networks. "

LeVert secured a Plus 43 result against the Warriors on Wednesday – the best plus-minus for a network in the past 20 years – with an even better encore for Saturday's defeat in Toronto. His career-best 37 points brought the defending champions home throughout the season.

Caris LeVert
Caris LeVertCorey Sipkin

Indiana follows on Monday and a home game against the Raptors on Wednesday before the all-star break.

"We are not really into moral victories, I would much rather have just played OK and got the win. Obviously this is a big stretch for us as we play twice in Toronto and once in Indiana," said LeVert Had victory [but] It is always good to play well – especially on the street. "

LeVert averaged a modest 11.1 points in 22.7 minutes this season, but it wasn't just a limited time as he shot a total of 34.4 percent and 32.7 percent from behind.

He was at a different level in his 12 games as a starter, the first nine before his thumb injury. It scores an average of 20 points and shoots 46.2 percent from deep, even up 63.

"I'm not sure [why], I try to play with the same confidence, whether I'm starting or coming from the bank. Obviously I started better for some reason, ”said LeVert. "As I said, I try to play with the same confidence and the same engine."

LeVert has linked up well with Dinwiddie, but Irving's return is imminent. Irving was excluded on Monday, but not yet against Toronto on Wednesday.

Whenever Irving returns, Atkinson could put LeVert or Dinwiddie back in the role of the sixth man. Or he could try to start all three, with LeVert as a striker and Joe Harris coming off the bench.