Carlos Beltran doesn't have to be fired before training a game


A look at coaches or managers who either resigned or were fired after hiring before coaching a game:

Bill Belichick, Jets
Rented: January 3, 2000; Resigned: January 4, 2000

Belichick scribbled on a napkin, which he put down a few minutes before a press conference as head coach of the Jets as "HC of the NYJ". After Belichick made a half-hour speech explaining his reasons for leaving, he finally ran to the patriots.

Wally Backman, Diamondbacks
Rented: November 1, 2004; fired: November 4, 2004

Backman was once an aspiring manager within the Diamondbacks organization and was fired when news of his past legal and financial problems surfaced. The former Met did not reveal his two previous arrests or that he had financial problems with the IRS and others before he was hired by Arizona.

Rollie Massimino, nets
Rented: June 19, 1985; Resignation: June 19, 1985

Massimino, born in Hillside, N.J., had verbally agreed to take on the job as Nets after coaching Villanova to Georgetown for the NCAA Tournament men's title. After lengthy negotiations, he declined the announced $ 2.1 million 10-year offer just hours before the planned Nets press conference.

Bill Belichick scribbled on a napkin, which he called a few minutes before a press conference as head coach of the Jets
Bill Belichick scribbled on a napkin, which he put down a few minutes before a press conference as head coach of the Jets as "HC of the NYJ". Since then he has been training for the patriots.Getty Images

Tim Welsh, Hofstra
Rented: April 1, 2010; Resigned: May 3, 2010

Welsh resigned after he was arrested on April 30, 2010 for drunk fare at the Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown. Previously, he had led Iona and Providence to appear at NCAA tournaments.

Bobby Cremins, South Carolina
Rented: March 24, 1993; Resigned: March 27, 1993

Cremins was born in the Bronx and became a Star Point Guard for South Carolina. He then worked as a trainer at Georgia Tech before deciding to return to his alma mater. Cremins then changed his mind a few days later and trained for another seven years at Georgia Tech, where the court is now named "Cremins Court" in his honor.

George O’Leary, Notre Dame
Rented: December 10, 2001; Resignation: December 15, 2001

After being lured away by Georgia Tech, it turned out that O'Leary had padded his resume. He had never played college football in New Hampshire or had a master's degree from a nonexistent college.

Manny Diaz, temple
Rented: December 13, 2018; Resigned: December 30, 2018

After a successful three-year term as defensive coordinator from Miami, Diaz switched to Temple's head coaching job. However, Diaz made a U-turn to succeed his former successor Mark Richt as Miami's new head coach.

Billy Donovan, magic
Rented: June 1, 2007; Resignation: June 2, 2007

Donovan left the University of Florida after 18 years and two NCAA championships to accept a five-year offer from Magic worth $ 27.5 million. Citing his considerations, Donovan was released from his contract and returned to the Gators.

Mike Price, Alabama
Rented: December 18, 2002; fired: May 3, 2003

Price made headlines when reports appeared. He was seen at a strip club in Pensacola, Florida, where he played in a golf tournament. It was the last straw after Alabama Price warned of previous incidents on and off campus.

Josh McDaniels, Colts
Rented: February 6, 2018; Resigned: February 6, 2018.

McDaniels was about to take up his second job as head coach, days after the New England offensive coordinator won the Super Bowl. However, a few hours before the press conference, McDaniels gave up his oral contract to join the Colts and returned to his previous position with the Patriots.

Rick Majerus, South Carolina
Rented: April 1, 2005; Resigned: April 6, 2005

Majerus sounded happy during the press conference after announcing that he had left Utah University after 15 seasons to sign a five-year, $ 5 million contract as Gamecocks coach. A few days later, he was in a dark mood when he raised health concerns that made it impossible for him to perform his professional duties.