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February: Gaining international support on the path to eliminate cervical cancer

February 5, the WHO Executive Board recommended the 73rd World
Health Assembly adopting the draft Global Strategy to accelerate
the elimination of
cervical cancer as a public health problem, and urged her
implementation. The proposed resolution urges Member States to implement
the strategy, asking for the support of international organizations
and other relevant stakeholders, and includes a request
for the Director General to support Member States in this effort.
The WHA will consider the resolution when it meets in May 2020. The
The session included 23 interventions by EB Member States, most of them
in full support of the Strategy and resolution;
18 from other Member States, 6 observers and 6 non-state actors. Dr
Nono Simelela, ADG and Special Adviser to the WHO Director-General Dr.
Tedros responded at the end of the session, thanking the delegates for the
broad support and addressing some of the comments
by sharing some of the work in progress, such as efforts with the
immunization partners to address the challenges of supplying HPV vaccines and
transparency in pricing.

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Read the full draft resolution

Download the
Draft strategy

Dr. Nono Simelela presented the draft of the Global Strategy to Eliminate Cervical Cancer as a Public Health Issue during a webinar with partners. This presentation was given as part of
Global HPV Prevention Week webinar series hosted by Global
HPV and Cervical Initiative
Cancer. While highlighting WHO’s approach to living for the cervix
cancer control, Dr. Simelela also explained the proposed removal
threshold and objectives established in the strategy. She also argued
Address major challenges, such as correcting inequalities
and taking special considerations for women living with HIV.

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Listen to the full webinar “Gathering Momentum for Global Cervical Cancer Elimination”

Watch the video: Cervical Cancer Elimination: Developed by Basic Health International (BHI), the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and the Global Initiative against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC)

Read the story: To eliminate cervical cancer in the next 100 years, it is crucial to implement an effective strategy

Simelela was invited to Rwanda to support the start of a national event.
cervical screening program established to put Rwanda on the road to
Objectives of the global strategy
for the elimination of cervical cancer.

Dr. Simelala with the 1st Lady of the Republic of Rwanda, Mrs. Jeannette Kagame

Self-sampling HPV DNA test demonstrated at the Cervical Cancer Screening Center, Muhoza Health Center

Radiotherapy center at the Rwanda Cancer Center, colleagues from the Ministry of Health, WHO, RBC and CHAI

others, the first lady of Rwanda, Jeannette Kagame, received her for a
debate on how WHO can support cervical cancer efforts in its
own country and
across Africa Dr. Simelela had discussions about cervical cancer.
Screening and treatment services, including radiation therapy to the building.
capacity, with the dedicated staff of the Ruhengeri Hospital, Butaro
Muhoza and Rwanda Hospital, Health Center and Hospital
Military hospital. Although cervical and breast cancer are the most
cancers prevalent among women in the country, Rwanda has
Impressively achieved a 97% HPV vaccination rate since the introduction of a
vaccination program in 2011, with the goal of reaching 70%
detection coverage in five years. We look forward to a continued and
fruitful partnership with Rwanda and all countries that have committed
your commitment to eliminate this preventable cancer. Together we can
answer the WHO’s call and improve the lives of
girls and women from all over the world.

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