<pre><pre>CES shows the latest technological advances in home entertainment

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The CES, the largest congress of the year, is officially in full swing! The Consumer Electronics Show is a place where companies from around the world can showcase hundreds of the latest high-tech tools.

This year, too, the focus will be on the televisions at CES, including the Sero from Samsung.

"Our customers are mobile-centric, especially the younger ones, who actually hold their phones while watching TV and whose cellphones are only 6 inches tall," said Scott Cohen, senior manager for training at Samsung Electronics. “Why not share that up to 43 inches, but the biggest problem is that a lot of people shoot portrait videos, take pictures vertically; it just doesn't look right on a 43-inch TV. "

The Sero will be available in the U.S. shortly, but the only thing consumers don't have to wait for is 8K TVs. According to LG Electronics, its 8K OLED TVs have 100 million pixels.

"I challenge you; get as close to the TV as possible and try to find one of those hundred million pixels," said Martin Valdez, LG Electronics' National Product Trainer. "It will be pretty much impossible; Your nose could actually be touching the screen. "

Speaking of screens: the virtual visor from Bosch uses liquid crystal technology and is intended to replace conventional sun visors in cars.

How the virtual visor works You look into a camera. It will show your face, you just have to move a little. And when you look up here, the virtual visor tracks where my eyes are and blocks them from the sun. "

"Whether you turn left or right or your head moves, it automatically adjusts and you never have to worry about being hit by the sun again," said Jason Zink, Bosch technical expert

The CES runs until Friday, January 10th.