Chad Green of the Yankees does not want to deal with the Astros fraud scandal


TAMPA – As a rule, spring training is a time to look into the coming season that does not go back longer than two years.

But these are no ordinary times for baseball, and on Friday right-hander Chad Green was the last Yankee to publicly speak about the sign theft scandal that affected the 2017 Astros World Championship title – and may have ended the 2017 season Yankees prematurely.

"I think my first reaction was just frustration," said Green.

When asked whether he was angry that MLB's investigation had found the Astros guilty of electronic theft of signs in Minute Maid Park during the post-season 2017, Green remained level-headed.

"I think that's the first reaction," said Green outside the Yankees minor league complex. "Everyone will get a little upset about it. But you're moving forward. "

It probably won't be that easy. Certainly not for Houston and even for the Yankees, who will no doubt be asked throughout the spring training and regular season if they lost to the Astros in the ALCS.

So far, however, Green has said that the topic of Astros fraud hasn't surfaced much in its first few days at the camp. That will surely change when the camps open next week.

"We honestly didn't talk too much about it, just a few days," said Green. "I think everyone is moving forward. It was mostly the same as before. I am sure that the conversation will be picked up again sometime. Let's see what happens. & # 39; & # 39;

For his part, Green was very effective in two appearances in Houston during the 2017 ALCS. In games 1 and 6 together, Green threw 4¹ / ₃ innings and only allowed two goals and one walk, while he scored five.

chad green yankees training camp cheat astros
Chad Green throws Friday at the Yankees Minor League complex in Tampa, Florida.Charles Wenzelberg

Perhaps because of this success, Green said he hadn't gone back and asked if Astros' goons knew which pitches would come.

"I didn't really throw that bad in" 17 ", which is kind of weird," said Green. "I didn't do so well there [last] Year. "

Green gave up three runs in the first inning as an opener in Game 6 of the ALCS.

The next challenge will be the Astros this season, with some of the 2017 culprits still in the squad, even though manager A.J. Hinch and General Manager Jeff Luhnow were first suspended by MLB and then released by owner Jim Crane.

During the investigation, players were granted immunity by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to keep up to date with the fraud strategy.

That may have benefited the investigation, but there will undoubtedly be some controversial gatherings between Pitcher and Batters this season.

"It's obviously going to be difficult," said Green. "Knowing what could have been in '17. It's a difficult game, what could have happened or what should have happened. I'll probably wait to see how ours and their response will look."

Green's former teammate CC Sabathia, who is now retired, said earlier that the Yankees would have won the World Series in 2017 if the Astros hadn't cheated. Green liked the Yankees' chances, but didn't go that far.

"I thought we were on the right track," said Green. "I thought we were playing really well. Everything is unfortunate what happened. "