Chaka Khan's "weird" NBA national anthem is submerged on Twitter

<pre><pre>Chaka Khan's "weird" NBA national anthem is submerged on Twitter

It takes a lot of time to do The Star Spangled Banner before the NBA all-star game trend on social media is higher than the game itself, but Chaka Khan did what Fergie did two years ago With a unique rendering, the national anthem, which threatened to render anything that followed an afterthought, could.

In 2018, Fergie almost seemed to sex the anthem and play it in a style comparable to Marilyn Monroe. Khan wasn't nearly as conceptually risky, but she brought in a level of extreme melisma in her reading that not everyone could follow, to say the least.

Her rendering had its defenders, including at least one celebrity shot. "Chaka Khan's starry banner rendering was incredible!" Magic Johnson tweeted, To say that this was not a majority view on social media would be an understatement, although there was a flood of backlashes against the negative reactions on Twitter. Many said Khan deserves respect no matter what freedoms she may have taken with the ode to freedom.

Among those who indicated that Khan's rendering caused quite a reaction, Questlove, who only tweeted"I'm not watching the All Star game, but my phone rings. I suspect someone did a strange Star Spangled?"