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Challenges and Solutions of working with Automatic Screw Fastening Machines

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Challenges and Solutions of working with Automatic Screw Fastening Machines

Challenges and Solutions of working with Automatic Screw Fastening Machines

Electric tools give operators more control over the torque, speed and angle of the driver. The controller of an automatic screw fastener machine can be programmed not to feed the next screw while the current screw is not fitted correctly or not release an assembly if the correct number of screws are not supplied.  The electronic counter of the machine keeps track of the number of fasteners that have been fitted.

The automatic screw fastener machine has become an indispensable part of the production line in any production firm. However, they have certain disadvantages that have to be reduced to the minimum to prevent them from badly affecting the production process. 

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Space requirement

The most common challenge a company will face while having an automatic screw fastener machine is space. These machines need enough space around the location of fastening to accommodate the supplement tools that come with the machine. There should at least be a 0.5-inch clearance around the machine where the screw's head is installed and some space above the assembly.  Therefore, the machine cannot be kept in a deep recess or near vertical walls. 

If obstructions can be done away with, there are options available. Special tools can be designed to be sent down a hole and integrate with the parts there. Alternatively, the fastener machine could be equipped with a vacuum to enable the fastener to hold the bit till it reaches the hole. 

Changing the fastener also helps. For example, it would have been a costly mistake if the fastening machine was about to fasten a pointed screw if it was not perfectly aligned. The machine could have fastened the screw on the side rather than into the hole. A change to a fastener with a blunt point would have solved the problem. 

Finding the Right Type of Fastener

The fastener itself could be the source of problems in the automatic screw fastener machine. Not having the correct type of fastener for a specific screw could be problematic. It is always better to have a fastener machine made of high quality and screws that are large enough to tumble into the feed tube. However, it is not possible to find or afford an automatic screw fastener machine with wide fasteners. 

Nevertheless, some work-arounds can be done. The screws could be blown through extruded tubing that has the same profile as the fastener. Another common approach is to feed the screws to a pickup point through a linear track, where the operator or the robot arm has to retrieve the screw after every insertion. However, this is a time-consuming venture. A more efficient way is to have small magazines that will recover more than one screw attached to the fastener.

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High-volume screw fastening will get dirty. The vibration of hundreds of screws in a vibratory bowl all through the day generates particulate matter. Though this may not be an issue in specific industries, it is a significant issue in the medical device and automobile sensor industry.

The best way out is to have equipment that does not generate much particulate matter, like sword feeders. If more thorough cleanliness and lesser generation of particulate matter are required, vacuum lines can be attached to the fastener machine's hopper, the feed track and also the driver's nosepiece for sucking up particulates.For more about automatic screw fastening machines,you can pay a visit to CalvinDude at https://www.calvindude.com/ for more info.

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